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More Questions for Danny White Man

More Questions for Danny White Man

If you had never bothered to look me in the eye or speak to me at all until the night you came to my bedroom to assault me, why did I attract you then?

I was ten.

You hadn’t spoken to me for two years. All I got was dirty looks.

I was just a foster child.

Was I just a trashcan for your dirty impulses? Was I nothing but a trashcan to you?

Your mother taught me Original Sin. Your mother taught me that I was dirty and sinful because I was female. But I was only 10 years old.

So what you did to me made me feel ruined. What you did made me feel unclean. I was no longer pure. I was no longer without sin. I was dirty. Your mother taught me that sex was a cardinal sin. Your mother taught me that girls that had sex broke God‘s law, and would go straight to hell. I blamed myself.

What about you?

Did you think about me after you did this? Did you feel bad about doing it? Did you feel like a sinner? Like I did? Or did you feel like it was your right to do that, as a male, a privileged white male, little brother to big strong police officers?

Did you think of me that night as someone who is not equal to you?

#endwhitesilence #ChildAbuse #childsexualsurvivors #Racism #WhiteSupremacy #whitesupremacists #FosterCare #fosterchildabuse


I Have Questions for Danny White Man

I Have Questions for Danny White Man

I call you that because it is what you called yourself. White man.

Why did you decide to come to my bedroom when I was 10 years old?

Why did you abuse me sexually?

What was it about me? You had never spoken to me before.

You had never treated me like a sister. You only treated me with disdain.

Was it because of your status?

Was it because of my status?

You were the white supremacist privileged son, little brother to 2 older law-enforcement officers. You received your racism with your mothers’s milk.

I was a foster child that had been discarded. I was a child without a mother or a father. I was a child that you refused to look into the eyes of.

You asked me a question before you did what you did to me. You asked me if I had my period yet. I was shaking but I answered you truthfully. I had not yet menstruated. I was 10.

Did you do this to me more than once? My child’s mind will not give me this detail.

Did you do this to my sisters?

How many times?

How do you sleep at night?

How do you sleep at night, Danny White Man?

# whitesupremacism #blacklivesmatter #ChildAbuse #childsexualsurvivors #ChildSexualAbuse #PTSD #CPTSD #Racism #fosterchildren #FosterKids #fosterchildabuse #racistlawenforcement #WhitePrivilege #endwhitesilence