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Have you ever been sad but the tears don't come out even though you feel you need a good cry? #Depression #sad #Cleansing

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To the Broken and Shame ridden 💪🏽Mighty Ones💪🏽

✨I've always loved mosaic art.
Look at them. 🧐 God bless the 1st person who picked up broken pieces and with determination, mended them back together. 🥰 The pieces above I believe I got from Ross. I'll be honest, I have to fight or😒 had to fight (prepandemic) not to buy every piece I see everytime I go. So beautiful. Shining...glistening in the light. Saying, "Buy me...BUY ME...I will make your home a better place"✨💕

✨I just shared on a thread that thoughts of brokenness and lonliness make me cry often. But after I cry I feel better. I believe that is a healing method taken for granted. The One Who keeps are hearts beating gave us tear ducts for a reason. Notice we feel like crying when we're Sad😭, Happy🤗 and Angry😠. It's like He knew those emotions were too much for us to bear and He gave us tear ducts like when a tea pot whistles or pressure cooker lets out steam.

✨For those who make us feel shame for crying...🚫 Stop it🖐🏾. The shame is when we keep it in. It makes you sick. Crying is cleansing.

✨I believe if more people cried when their body told them to, instead of fighting it (especially men, I tell my boys that whole 'Men don't cry' thing is a lie and a snare) there would be a LOT MORE ☮️&💕 in the world.

✨I don't apologize anymore for crying. I just say "Give me a second" ☝🏾 I'm not going to apologize or feel shame for something I was literally created to do.

✨Go ahead...cry already...let it out🤗 You'll feel better👍🏽

#Broken #Shame #Mosaic #MosaicArt #Art #Lonliness #cry #Cleansing #pandemiclife #pandemic #quarantinesurvival