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My therapist has me making myself write down and keep a daily mantra for myself. Something positive and encouraging. I’m super into poetry and pretty words and such. (Former theater kid/English major what can I say)
So this one really spoke to me. I forget that when I feel like I’m breaking sometimes it isn’t always a bad thing. A quote that always means so much to me is that mosaics are still masterpieces. Even with their broken pieces they make something beautiful.
And I forget that sometimes we have to be completely broken for us to ascend and or grow. The become what we were meant to be or get past a certain hurtle. Sometimes growing feels like breaking.
Figured I’d share unless it helps anyone else. #growth #Depression #change #Mosaic #Anxiety



A long time ago someone said to me "people are like puzzles, they have thousands, millions, of pieces trying to make one perfect picture."
That isn't right.
You're not a perfect picture someone else created that was then cut into a bazillion pieces.
You are your own creation!
Every day, every experience, every moment, is a tile you place into your matrix.
You take these tiles, some dark, or bright, colorful, mottled, sickly, heart shaped, square, round, marble, glass, wood, paint, and you put them together in your way, into your art matrix.
And these pieces, they are not bad. They may have come from bad days, experiences, or moments, but it isn't a bad piece.
It is just a piece of you.
And you put these pieces in your art matrix, every single time you go to sleep, assimilating more of your pieces. Crafting more of your artwork.
Maybe you have a huge piece that becomes a focal point. Maybe a bunch of very small ones that make your soul hurt. One piece at a time. Moment by moment, you are crafting yourself.
You are your artist.
You create your own mosaic of imperfect beauty that is everything you are.
#Musings #Art #Therapy #Mydepression #Mosaic

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To the Broken and Shame ridden 💪🏽Mighty Ones💪🏽

✨I've always loved mosaic art.
Look at them. 🧐 God bless the 1st person who picked up broken pieces and with determination, mended them back together. 🥰 The pieces above I believe I got from Ross. I'll be honest, I have to fight or😒 had to fight (prepandemic) not to buy every piece I see everytime I go. So beautiful. Shining...glistening in the light. Saying, "Buy me...BUY ME...I will make your home a better place"✨💕

✨I just shared on a thread that thoughts of brokenness and lonliness make me cry often. But after I cry I feel better. I believe that is a healing method taken for granted. The One Who keeps are hearts beating gave us tear ducts for a reason. Notice we feel like crying when we're Sad😭, Happy🤗 and Angry😠. It's like He knew those emotions were too much for us to bear and He gave us tear ducts like when a tea pot whistles or pressure cooker lets out steam.

✨For those who make us feel shame for crying...🚫 Stop it🖐🏾. The shame is when we keep it in. It makes you sick. Crying is cleansing.

✨I believe if more people cried when their body told them to, instead of fighting it (especially men, I tell my boys that whole 'Men don't cry' thing is a lie and a snare) there would be a LOT MORE ☮️&💕 in the world.

✨I don't apologize anymore for crying. I just say "Give me a second" ☝🏾 I'm not going to apologize or feel shame for something I was literally created to do.

✨Go ahead...cry already...let it out🤗 You'll feel better👍🏽

#Broken #Shame #Mosaic #MosaicArt #Art #Lonliness #cry #Cleansing #pandemiclife #pandemic #quarantinesurvival