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HSP, Anxiety, Dysthymia - or Is It All Just HSP?

Hi! I'm new here, although I've known of The Mighty for a while now - I rediscovered it while researching support options for a dear friend who has MS.

I myself have been dealing with issues with "an #autoimmune component" (that seems to be undiagnosable due to my ever-changing test results) and chronic pain for many years. While it seems to have levels (a LOT of levels... so very many LEVELS!), it can be... I'm gonna call it irksome (except on those days when I have pain flares, when it's a PITA - I hope that's okay to say).

I figured out that I was #HSP about 20 years ago, when I first read Elaine Aron's book - it was as though a light came on and I finally "got" myself. The sad thing is, I "forgot" (or, really, forced myself to ignore) myself when too much Life happened - big changes, not all of them good, forced me to shift my career and my focus. And, in doing so, I felt that I had to deny the truth of who I am. Because of my denial (self-abuse, maybe? Who knows?) I wound up dating a narcissist - despite my knowing from the first that he was "off" and wouldn't be healthy for me. I'd spent so much time denying my truth that I didn't listen to my first instincts, and wound up gaslighted with serious self-esteem and trust issues after.

With the #pandemic , I reached a new level of Whoa - the #Dysthymia with which I'd been diagnosed turned into full blown depression, mixed with a soupcon of anxiety to really round things out. I became even more highly sensitized to even the slightest noises, couldn't deal with too much ANYthing, and basically turned into a recluse. Even now, I struggle with #SocialAnxiety , despite the fact that I seem to be friendly and open - the inner turmoil and the effort to seem "normal" (whatever in the world THAT is) is REAL.

All of the above may have been a contributor to the autoimmune element (although my older sister tells me that I've been complaining of pain since I was a child - times when I didn't want to be touched (and I'm a hugger) because EVERYthing felt too sensitive. That, too, may be an element of the HSP.

But I'm still here and, in my opinion, strong. I'm still working to embrace and honor my Self; and will continue to do so. I feel blessed to have rediscovered The Mighty, and look forward to reading other people's stories.


My long distance breakup

I had a close relationship with someone for almost 2 years now, but it was long distance due to the pandemic and the fact that she lives in Canada. We met on TalkLife, which is another mental health app. She opened up to me with an issue regarding her ex-bf, and I was able to empathize with her really well. I even shared my insecurities with social anxiety to her and she was so supportive. Over time, we got really close, and I was so happy to find someone like her. She felt the same way. Everything felt so real and authentic for both of us even if it was online. It was for the first time that we both experienced a deep emotional bond. We started chatting on WhatsApp. We called each other almost every day, and even video chatted several times later on. We talked about many topics ranging from the things we liked and how our day went to deep philosophical subjects. We sent gifts to each other. She even wanted to meet me in person, but due to the pandemic's travel restrictions and me being at university, it was hard to do all these years.

This summer I finally worked up a plan to fly and visit her in Vancouver. But she told me a few days ago that unfortunately, we are not really right for each other because she wanted to find more local people. She also was occupied with making a move to another province. Yet, she also told me that I was the most genuine friend she's ever had. I guess, in a way she's right because even if I did visit her in person, things would still stay the same between us because we would still be long distance and in 2 different countries. Seems like she wanted to get deeper with me, but couldn't.

Still, I just miss her so much, and have been in so much grief and depression because of that. I want to share this because it is a prime example of how everything could feel so real and right in a relationship, but circumstances like distance and location just get in the way.

#Breakups #Grief #Depression #Relationships #COVID #longdistance #pandemic

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Life getting back to normal #COVID19 #pandemic #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth

After so many years of cancellations due to Covid, “Vivid” light festival is finally back on in Sydney.

It was wonderful tonight braving the cold air to walk around the city observing such creative light and music productions. Life will never be back to “normal” but at least some aspects of normalcy are happening again.

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Going to work is my escape.

For me the pandemic was a major wrecking ball, especially when it came to my escape from dealing with at home issues. It was like I knew at least Monday would give me some space from what was going on and irritating me at home. Then, when I got sent home to work there, it was like my parents were telling me to go to my room and try to enjoy that cluttered mess.

I sometimes wonder if others felt this way? Compartmentalizing their life as a survival strategy and wanting to keep the gig going that way. Tackle home when there, tackling work when away. Now that we live in this new reality, where many of us must stay at home, it is becoming a bit of a hurdle to say thank god for Monday.

Fortunately I’ve learned to live with this reality now, but over two years ago, I was literally floored when my escape was stollen from me. It was like I couldn’t get my coping options, and would now need to deal with being with the unresolved issues.

Shout out to all who coped this way and wish to say TGFM.

#Anxiety #pandemic #Avoidance

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If you started working remotely during the pandemic, we’d love to know…

👍 How it positively affected your mental and/or physical health
👎 How it negatively affected/impacted your mental and/or physical health

Do you wish you could go back to in-person employment? Or did remote work change your life in a wonderful way?

P.S. Your answer may be anonymously used in a Mighty story!

#CheckInWithMe #Employment #Jobs #MentalHealth #COVID19 #pandemic #Disability #RareDisease #ADHD #Parenting #Autism #BipolarDisorder #Migraine #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis

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As the #pandemic rages on my honey and I will be at home for #nye After hearing the news about #bettywhite and knowing this is one of my fur baby's last NYE with me make me even more sad. Praying for a better #NewYear in #2022 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


I've been a patient and health advocate for many years. Getting diagnosed with and living with a rare immune disease is no easy feat and I have learned many things along the way. I try to share some things with you to help keep you and those around you healthy. Here are some tips that can help get you through this pandemic.

1) Pay attention to what's going on around you. Are case numbers going up? Are local Facebook friends saying they are sick? This by the way is useful information for other infectious diseases too including the flu. But it's only useful if you apply that information to your life.

2) If cases are going up take a good hard look at your daily activities and at your calendar. What things do you not need to be doing right now? What activities can be modified or done in a safer way? For example, you do need to go to work and to your doctor's appointments, but maybe you should pass on an indoor event that is not essential and not worth risking your health.

3)Layer protections. We all know by now the things that can help prevent covid infections. Do as many of them as you can.

4) Mental health is important, in fact, I think mental health will be an issue we grapple with long after the pandemic. Take care of your mental health and do some things you enjoy, but also be aware of what risks you are taking, and think of it as gambling. Try to not push your luck if the odds are stacked against you. Know that your lucky streak will likely run out the longer and more you play. More chances equal more risk. For example, instead of going into a store every day, buy what you need for the week so you are taking 1 chance instead of 7. It's a very simple idea that can reduce your risk once you get into the habit of thinking this way.

5)Avoid overconfidence. This is probably the most important. Humans have a horrible tendency of thinking they are all that and that no harm can ever come to them. The Titanic was said to be unsinkable before it sank. Let that sink in. There are many times that really bad things happen because people wrongfully think that they have everything perfectly under control. Maintaining some sense of caution is the wisest attitude to have. People who are not overconfident will remain humble and are more likely to take precautions and respond appropriately to a threat.

Our non-medical underlying conditions as human beings and as a country have made this pandemic worse than it had to be. Let's think in terms of damage control and repair moving forward. How can we as individuals, communities, and a country become more resilient? These are conversations we need to have but each one of us can work on ourselves in the meantime.

I hope you all have a safe & healthy holiday! #COVID19 #omicron #pandemic #pandemiclife #MentalHealth #resiliance #communitymatters #Overconfidence #riskassessment


Struggling w/isolation #Agoraphobia #pandemic #Isolation #Depression #Spoonie #Disabled #Loneliness

Before the pandemic being chronically ill, disabled, with mental health struggles I didn't get out much but I did have community and I did get out. Since the pandemic I moved and have been mostly alone in a rural area. I'm agoraphobic and the few exposure exercises I tried over the past year due to the company involved did not go well and were very triggering. Is anyone else struggling? My life never went back to "normal" if anything I've become more isolated mostly due to environment but also physical and mental health reasons. I'm tired of being isolated and alone and I am strategically trying to change that into this next year. I used to be extremely social and now I'm extremely introverted and anti-social. Sometimes it's hard feeling safe making new friends or making friends that aren't abelist. I definitely don't even feel comfortable outside by house even though I wish I had someone I felt safe with to get out more

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How has the pandemic changed your friendships?

We made it to the end of the week, Mighties! Proud of us. For today’s prompt, let’s talk about how the past 18-20 months have changed the dynamics and landscape of our friendships — for better or for worse.

Did the pandemic make you realize who your “true” friends are? Did some friendships drift and others really strengthen? Did it make you feel more or less alone?

Share your experiences with us in the comments below. And remember: You always have a Mighty friend in us! ❤️

#Friendship #Relationships #MentalHealth #COVID19 #pandemic #Anxiety #Depression #MightyMinute #CheckInWithMe #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Disability #RareDisease #Parenting #Autism


Effect by pandemic ? #pandemic #COVID19 #MentalHealth #CPTSD

Does anyone experience this feeling that the long that pandemic is still ongoing effect our mental health struggling get worse like there’s no hope for improving while pandemic is still running?