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    The walls move closer,
    in that imperceptible way
    that a flower blooms:
    unseen but the soul knows
    even when the mind can't
    grasp the movement.

    Months of precaution
    Days of fear
    branch out into
    Weeks without touch.
    Isolation from the smallest
    brush of the hand,
    or feel of another human soul.

    The solitary caretaker
    allowed to participate
    in this quarantined life,
    can be heard from between
    other walls in other parts of home,
    briefly intersecting
    between closed doors or
    glimpses from afar,
    voices muted by brightly colored fabric,
    raised to bridge the barriers,
    span the distance.

    Worry overwhelms desire for
    human touch,
    unmuffled voices,
    unmasked smiles.
    Need brushed aside for
    this enemy unseen,
    heart raging against loss of control,
    tempered by a cautious mind.

    Loss of connection breeds
    bitterness, fear.
    Darkness seeping through
    the cracks in my heart.
    Skin hungers, arms utterly empty,
    chest aching from viral effects,
    physical and emotional.

    The virus eases
    but clings,
    like walking through spider webs,
    leaving me to wonder
    is it still there or
    are these remnants
    only phantom memories.

    But still,
    caution expresses love
    in this pandemic world
    so here I sit
    watching and wondering
    if I can, if I will
    impossibly see
    the walls move closer.

    ~ Remy Soberanes

    #quarantinesurvival #quarantinelife


    My advice to victims of abuse right now <3

    A garden gifts the hungry food, and it gifts the trapped a taste of freedom. You are still free to grow from within, from a yard, balcony, or windowsill. For victims of abuse, garden therapy could be the stepping stone to victory. When my redbud tree bloomed late two years ago, I thought: If she can prove him wrong, so can I. This is my story.
    #quarantinesurvival #quarantinelife #quarantinethoughts #quarantinesucks #selfcare


    Are y’all’s significant other being annoyed by been by your side ? I can’t help that I’m clingy.. he doesn’t even want to make love ..?

    #Relationships #quarantinesurvival

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    To the Broken and Shame ridden 💪🏽Mighty Ones💪🏽

    ✨I've always loved mosaic art.
    Look at them. 🧐 God bless the 1st person who picked up broken pieces and with determination, mended them back together. 🥰 The pieces above I believe I got from Ross. I'll be honest, I have to fight or😒 had to fight (prepandemic) not to buy every piece I see everytime I go. So beautiful. Shining...glistening in the light. Saying, "Buy me...BUY ME...I will make your home a better place"✨💕

    ✨I just shared on a thread that thoughts of brokenness and lonliness make me cry often. But after I cry I feel better. I believe that is a healing method taken for granted. The One Who keeps are hearts beating gave us tear ducts for a reason. Notice we feel like crying when we're Sad😭, Happy🤗 and Angry😠. It's like He knew those emotions were too much for us to bear and He gave us tear ducts like when a tea pot whistles or pressure cooker lets out steam.

    ✨For those who make us feel shame for crying...🚫 Stop it🖐🏾. The shame is when we keep it in. It makes you sick. Crying is cleansing.

    ✨I believe if more people cried when their body told them to, instead of fighting it (especially men, I tell my boys that whole 'Men don't cry' thing is a lie and a snare) there would be a LOT MORE ☮️&💕 in the world.

    ✨I don't apologize anymore for crying. I just say "Give me a second" ☝🏾 I'm not going to apologize or feel shame for something I was literally created to do.

    ✨Go ahead...cry already...let it out🤗 You'll feel better👍🏽

    #Broken #Shame #Mosaic #MosaicArt #Art #Lonliness #cry #Cleansing #pandemiclife #pandemic #quarantinesurvival

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    Ups and downs

    So, I woke up this morning with immense pain in my right thumb and wrist, where I have tendonitis. The rain the last few days, as well as the crocheting a blanket has severely aggravated it to the point where I have to take a day off from blanket making and baby my wrist. So, in leiu of being artistically creative, I thought it would be a perfect day to dye my hair. Hence, the pic lol. I'm going lightish brown, and I'm natural a dirty to light blond. I'm super excited to see how it turns out. I'm not sure what is on the docket for the rest of the day, but I'll face whatever comes with a smile and newly dyed hair! #quarantinesurvival #wegotthis #Silverlining #Hufflepuff #optomisticrealist