I have a huge exam coming up Monday evening. I’ve started studying, but my heart is not in it. I know there is so much more to do, to read, to write. But my brain doesn’t seem to be processing the words as I go over them. My mood is terrible because of my anxiety for this exam; over the last few days I’ve lashed out at family (though I’ve denied it to them I know it’s true). I’ve ignored friends and pasted on a fake smile at work. It’ll all be over in 48 hours and I need to just study and stop wasting time and hurting those around me. I’m so frustrated with myself for just not being able to bring myself to care. Maybe writing this will motivate me... and maybe not. Anyone have ideas on how to get into a better headspace? #Motivation #mood #MyHeadIsTooFull #CheckInWithMe #Stress #exams #CheerMeOn #encouragement #ClearMyHead #apathy