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just found out my bio dad's got colon cancer

#Cancer #Depression #Anxiety #Support #Stress #overwhelmed
hey everyone..i just checked my voicemail and one of the messages was my bio dad saying that he was in the hospital,that he just found out he has i called the hospital and talked to him bc i haven't talked to him in months due to a previous misunderstanding we had..

he just found out yesterday that he has colon cancer and that they are going to do everything they can to prolong his life.. shots, chemo..i knew something was wrong a few years ago bc of his stomach issues..i told him to go to the doc.. encouraged him to go and that i would go with him but he never would go

i know myself now scary it can be going to the doc when something is wrong and you dont know whats going on..i know when it's his time to go im going to blame myself for not pushing him to go to the doc even though i tried everything i could to get him to go..this is devastating news and i just got to know my bio dad in the past 4 years of my life..

im frozen in fear..i dont know how to take it or what to think..after hearing his message..i froze and it took me 30 min to build up enough courage to call him bc i was in freeze or flight mode..i just lost my step dad few years ago to prostate cancer and i didn't get to say my goodbyes to him due to being homeless and my phone dying..

so i have alot of guilt around death and i love that God gives us life but is it normal to be a little angry at him for taking loved ones away? i don't know if its just me..i don't have any support and haven't in awhile.. God was my only support..i dont like feeling this way and just need some answers or opinions.. thank you

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Survivor of Colon Cancer

Back in 2022, December 1st at the age of 49, I was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer that was very agressive. The tumor was the size of a plum , but by the time I had surgery to have it removed on January 16,2023 it was the size of a grapefruit. I ended up with a long incision on my tummy and 28 staples. The surgery went good and I came out fine. I was awake and alert then suddenly my blood pressure dropped and almost didn’t make it. After having a shot of keatamine, fentynl then some arcan they brought me back. It was the strangest feeling ever and I still struggle with the thought that I wished I would’ve just died. I feel guilty feeling that way, it haunts me everyday. Once I recovered from surgery I had to have a port put in me which was needed for my chemo treatment . After a chemo treatment I had to have a bottle hooked to my port that I packed around with me that had chemo meds in it that were infused over two days then removed until the next chemo treatment. I started chemo March 31st 2022 and was supposed to have 12 treatments. I made it to 11, my body just couldn’t take it anymore. It was very scary and exhausting. I have the most amazing husband ever who took me to every treatment, scans everything you can think of, he was there. We also had to travel an hour each way for treatments which when it was all said and done, it would be over 40 trips. I was very fortunate to have an amazing oncologist and an outstanding cancer dr. and nurses. I received the best chemo treatment in the world. I had my last chemo treatment October 2nd ,2023. After that I had a few struggles with weight loss, painful stomach aches and eating and bathroom issues. I had another colonoscopy and more scans and blood work done. I found out not to long ago that I am cancer free and feel so greatful to still be here for my husband and 2 kids and that they are still here for me. I do have to say it was hard, it felt weird for that I felt almost embarrassed to say or tell anybody that I had cancer. I didn’t tell very many people that I did and the ones that I did, like family didn’t know what to say. None of them really reached out to see how I was doing, so when I found out I was cancer free I sent them a text. I got a thumbs up’s. So that was good. For me I found that once I said CANCER people ran away. Maybe that’s their way of dealing with it, oh well. After going through cancer and coming out being cancer free I focused everything I had on my treatment that when it was all over I felt completely lost, not knowing who I was anymore, not recognizing the person I saw looking back at in the mirror that I was before cancer, which has put me in a bad way with now having depression and anxiety. I’ve always stuggled with depression from past trauma, but adding cancer to it has made it extremely difficult. Making me reflect on my past and going through all these crazy emotions of wondering how to overcome all those obstacles now. I’m trying to find myself again and have found it very helpful joining “The Mighty”. I joined for other reasons as well, not just cancer. I find it very helpful reading other people’s stories and journeys it makes me feel not so alone. I hope sharing my story will help other people maybe going through similar situations and nowing that they are not alone.❤️

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Me and big sweet Ben who I just lost to colon cancer:(

Daisy(my little Tibeten Spaniel mix) and I are so devastated by Ben's death ,


I have cancer and it has put a limit on my social life

I have 4th stage metastatic colon cancer and the guy I’m seeing just told me he doesn’t want to get serious because I have cancer and the relationship isn’t going to go anywhere. I have tried dating other guys but they don’t seem interested. I only really have one friend. I’ve tried volunteering but no one needs anyone in my area. I’m getting extremely depressed and sit home alone a lot. I really need friends in my life. Would love to have a relationship. I’m on all kinds of depression medication. Doesn’t seem to be working. Any advice?

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My Beautiful wife

I’ve always had anxiety from a young kid but I tucked it away as if that’s how a man is supposed to do because who truly cares about a man’s feelings we are built to put it on our shoulders and keep moving forward. My world completely changed June of last year when my wife was diagnosed with stage four metastatic colon cancer a couple weeks before her 39th birthday. Then less then a month later she was also diagnosed with stage four metastatic breast cancer. At the peak of our marriage we get hit with this we’ve been together almost 20 years with 5 beautiful kids and 2 grandchildren. It’s been a battle trying to be here for her 100% also trying to juggle making sure the kids are taking care of keeping my job and everything else. My wife is a fighter and we will continue to fight but I find my self so stressed, depressed also overwhelmed I can’t heal her is what hurts the most I’ve always made most situations better now faith is all we have and a positive attitude. If any on here believes in our almighty god please say a prayer for my beautiful wife.

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Not doing well

Health issues and work issues. I am mentally not great. I feel myself slipping away and I don't know what to do. I am trying to hold on and get through the rough times. But I want to give up. When I say give up I don't know what I mean. I have a husband a 13 year old twins. I feel like my health issues are killing me. I am failing at my job. I am on a performance plan at work. If I wouldn't financially cripple my family I would quit. I was in therapy for years but I stopped when it just felt like whining. I need help. I need something but I don't know what I need. My whole life I have always felt alone and a failure. My family was shit. My father died when I was 12, my mother when I was 22. I had cancer the first time at 19. My life got upended by the first cancer dx. I tried for years to get my feet back under me. Then I got married and had kids. Fast forward to 2010 I had my twins, found out I had heart failure and a week heart. Seven years later I had colon cancer and lung cancer. Rectum removed and lung. Now my heart is failing again. I just had mitral valve repair in January. Then all the chaos in my health is now making me fail at my job. I feel like a piece of shit that cannot do anything right. Part of me just wants to die from all of this. I have been fighting for so long. I just want to stop.

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