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#COVID19 #covidlife #Frontline #Drained

Worked all of the way through COVID, even though I wouldn’t change it, I could happily stop right now

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"This is a final warning." The joy of Retail.

#CheckInWithMe #covidlife

The worst thing I deal with a is a repetition of the same disaster over and over. Last year was no different. It's always the same I find myself in trouble at my job, usually over my "attitude." and it's a frustrating thing. I have my days where I'm just down, and I have my days where I feel fine and I have my days where my nerves are like quills of a porcupine. I can't count how many jobs I've lost because I got fired. But they all ended up on the "final warning." which is the equivalent of "here walk this tight rope, Oops! We've cut a few threads so it's just a matter of time, and there's no net." as if I'm set up to fail. I won't deny I blunder sometimes, sometimes I just didn't realize i was blundering. The worst part of retail is how customers behave, and if anyone thought because of COVID they would become more "empathetic" and nicer? THEY WERE WRONG. They're just as insensitive and lacking any self-awareness than ever.  Worse is I have to work with them, and its the same thing, we're out of this...and we're out of that...and are we getting any more in? Do I know when? Why are we out of ...? and no matter what its always stressful. Same things too, and no clue as to WHY?!  But they need it today. Again failure to plan. So I found myself on a Thursday morning five minutes after I got in the door, with my manager giving me the riot act over complaints because I was "rude" I have a Non-Verbal Learning Disorder and some days I just lack my filter, or in others when we're really really busy my filter breaks down because I'm worn down. I'm also anemic too, so from time to time I'm weak and tire easily. So another final warning...and my first instinct is to just say I quit. Instead I forwarded my paperwork to my social worker, and we talked later that afternoon. Worse? it was about an incident that happened on a day I was not scheduled. So it's Saturday and I have to work tomorrow, great. Nothing like that hanging over my head. I was supposed to be looking forward to next week as I start my music therapy, too.



#covidlife . So thrilled, just had to share, finally got a vaccine appointment for my mom. It’s tomorrow!! Knocked the depression out of my brain, for at least one day

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Leaving my house now days ... #COVID19 #covidlife

This is a drawing I did depicting how I feel when I leave my house now days 😁 #covidlife


Has any treatment been found for us COVID long haulers? I have just passed The 7 month mark with multiple relapses and still unable to work #covidlife


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Social Distancing 🤣

My neighbor’s dog adores my cat. They usually play outside together. I managed
To catch this shot today and thought it might bring some smiles. #smile #Depression #covidlife #Anxiety


Isolation & Depression :COVID

I am wondering if anyone else lives alone and has struggled during Covid with isolation and depression? I have always enjoyed my independence and being alone but because I have a weakened immune system I have really been very cautious during this time of Covid. I have started to notice that I've been gaining more weight as I think I am replacing eating & using it for comfort and then I hate that I have become fatter. I definitely know that it's the "perfect storm" of everything with being overwhelmed because of Covid, isolation because of Covid, no companionship. I literally have not even had a hug since before stay at home orders in March😓 I just think it's unhealthy for humans to be so alone all the time like this or I should say I think it's becoming really unhealthy for me.
#COVID19 #CovidIsolation #covidlife #coviddepression


All I Think About Is Food Ever Since COVID 19 entered the US

Am I alone on this? For some reason all I think about is food and it's plain out annoying. I fall asleep thinking about what I'm going to have for breakfast, go into lunch by thinking about lunch after I eat breakfast and think about dinner around breakfast or lunch time as well!

It's like a weird obsession. I truthfully thing it's because my meals are the only thing that pretty much changes in my daily work week routine.

I'm trying to lose weight too.

#Food #BipolarDisorder #covidlife


Um this is new

So this is my first full week of working from home and a little over half way through my week I can say this is different. Not bad different but it's completely different then working from the office. Trying to get into a good routine and balance. At least most of NG job is taking phone calls so once I log out of my queue my work ends for the day but trying to adjust to everything at home. How's everyone else holding up? #covidlife #thisismylifenow #Anxiety #Stress #workfromhome