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    Hi all, hope you are well. I'm dealing with cubital tunnel syndrome since the last few months, and I wanted to know your experience with it.

    #Nerve and joint pain #Nerve #cubitaltunnelsyndrome #ulnarnerve


    My experience

    Hi all, I created this group as I didn't see any group specific to my condition. I wanted to share my experience. I had injured my elbow by accidently hitting the wall, in Nov 2021. Initial pain was bad. But after resting for a few days, the tingling reduced, but I maintained the classic cubital tunnel symptoms (pain in pinky and ring finger, difficulty bending the elbow).
    As the pain didn't subside for a couple of weeks, I went to a hand specialist, where I had a horrible experience. He barely checked my hand, told me to do some weighted therapy exercises (no clear regiment explained), and then said I will be good in 3 weeks. The exercises were a big mistake, as they greatly aggravated my condition, the pain increased and I developed a painful click in my elbow as well.
    After that I got a second opinion and I was finly diagnosed with cubital tunnel, tendinitis and bursitis of the elbow. Had to take a steroid course, and strong painkillers. Finally I started physical therapy in late January 2022, which has been helping. Now there is almost no pain at rest and clicking has gone, but still can't really use my arm for anything other than typing.
    Even though my symptoms are improving, the injury has caused a lot of mental exhaustion after being in pain for almost 4 months, so I wanted to talk with others in similar scenarios and how they are dealing with it.
    Thanks and take care.
    #PinchedNerve #cubitaltunnelsyndrome


    Answers and upcoming surgery

    Had an appointment with a new orthopedic doc last week. He said based on my symptoms and imaging, he believes my tingling and numbness in my hand is caused by #cubitaltunnelsyndrome . I asked him “well what about my shoulder pain and stiffness?” And he said he believes it’s #FrozenShoulder . I’m a little confused by the frozen shoulder dx, as it’s not always frozen. It comes and goes. It’s every day, but not constant.

    Anyway, I’m having ulnar nerve decompression surgery on Tuesday and I’m nervous. My #Gastroparesis is causing me severe pain and nausea because of my anxiety over this surgery. My parents, who I live with, are going out of state the morning of my surgery. This trip has been planned for months. I can’t have one or both delay their trip. It’s not fair on them. They need the vacation. But I’m very nervous about being by myself for five days post-op. Sure I’ve got my best friend who is taking me to the hospital, and I’ve got great neighbors who will be checking in on me, but it’s still causing me massive amounts of anxiety...


    Corona scare

    Last night I was sweating eating dinner, took my temp and discovered I had a low fever. Tried to stay calm for the family, but it really freaked me out. With all of my chronic illnesses, even a regular cold is magnified for me. Needless to say, I did not sleep well, imagining all of the terrible worst case scenarios for me and my kids.

    The temperature is down this morning, but I'm still feeling the anxiety. I am off work (laid off due to taking too many sick days) but my partner is still going to work. I worry what he's exposed to all day, and what he might unknowingly bring home to us.

    Can the government PLEASE just shut everything down and isolate us?

    #CRPS #PeripheralNeuropathy #Anxiety #Depression #cubitaltunnelsyndrome #CarpalTunnelSyndrome #Migraine