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    Neuropathic pain

    Constant, never-ending radiating, prickling, feels like a tens unit stuck on high mode,this nerve pain is an overwhelming sensation. It began after 2nd cervical spinal fusion in which I had a CSF leak. It is….not in one small area, it is an all over pain which is felt mostly in face, neck, upper back, arms ! It’s exhausting! Does anyone have anything similar to this? Doc has me on high dose of pregabalin (Lyrica)… i think its still helping but when i asked for higher dose, dr said I’m on the highest. Can anyone help? #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #ChronicPain #Nerve and joint pain

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    Gabapentin 2700mg is just NOT Enough #Gabapentin # #Nerve and joint pain #Medication

    I can’t understand why my gabapentin just feels like nothing for my chronic pain and nerve damage.

    I am suffering so immensely in my body and right now in this moment I just want to scream.

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    Sleep Deprived EEG Tests

    I’m going to be having an eeg test soon for the first time. I just found out its a sleep deprived one.

    Have you had this test and can you tell me your experience with it? I’m wondering why the neurologist ordered this kind (sleep deprived) specifically.

    Did it get you and your doctors closer to proper diagnosis? #EEG #testing #Nerve and joint pain #neurologist #Diagnosis #mobility #Tinnitus #Epilepsy #ChronicPain

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    Community Voices

    I can't believe I did it!

    <p>I can't believe I did it!</p>
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    Never Give Up! Never Surrender!!!

    So I’m going to try again. In my never ending search to help relieve pain I’m trying something that includes me having to ingest a bovine collagen powder drink that makes me gag. I’m usually pretty mind over matter but for some reason I just can’t get past the taste and thought. It’s sort of like this… made of cow hooves & tastes like old cowboy boots. So I’m asking for help. And yes I’ve mixed it with everything I can think of and I’m on my fourth carefully reviewed collagen product with no success. How do you take your collagen? #Fibromyalgia #Arthritis #Nerve and joint pain #OVERCOMERS

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    A battle with no name

    <p>A battle with no name</p>
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    I didn't sign up for this

    Well apparently I did lol
    Today I hurt and it sucks. This is not how I thought or saw myself as I approach 30. 29 stiff, tightness, achy, numb, weak, and irritated AF! I'm simply tired of waking up like this especially with a toddler who needs me. I feel unfit in so many ways. I'm struggling to keep up, so damn uncomfortable and wtf is up with the scalp pain!? Is it related to my nerves ugh sigh I digress. I know it could be much worse. I guess it's good all my test results came back fine....🤯😳🤒
    It feels like all I can do is wish for a miracle and in the meantime learn to deal and manage. Crazy it took 8 years to get to this defeated point where I guess I'm fully surrendering to the fibromyalgia and learning to accept life with chronic pain......siiiiigh. 😤
    So much uncertainty, so many symptoms and random sensations.
    Im not sure how to move forward in life. What's next? How to support my sun and I? I am grateful for how far I've come and all I've learned in terms of lifestyle transitions. And now my arms are really hurting so peace love and many warms gentle hugs to you 💛🙏🏿 #Fibromyalgia #ChronicDepression #ChronicPain #newmom #tired #ChronicFatigue #Nerve and joint pain #JointStiffness #Jointpain

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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    How do you describe your health conditions?

    Between my #SpeechImpediment my #Scoliosis (technically it’s not that but similar) my #ADHD and other related stuff, I describe myself as “God did a science experiment when He made me and got interesting results.”

    When I describe my musculoskeletal system (wonky #SpineProblem #BrachialPlexusInjuries and #Nerve and joint pain #Jointpain ) I just say “my musculoskeletal system is a series of unfortunate events.”

    Anyone else have a fun/creative way to describe their wonky body/brain?

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