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Help #Nerve and joint pain

I deal with red and hot hands and feet more specifically during nighttime but sometimes during the day. My doctors can’t tell me what it is, except a nerve issue. Pins and needles feeling and hot to the touch #RheumatoidArthritis

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Jigsaw puzzles app.

I’ve recently started doing jigsaw puzzles on an app on my iPad. Anyone else do these? They are a fun and fantastic distraction while in bed!
Hope you are having a good day, Beddies! I wish you good days ahead and lots of reasons to smile
Raven #ChronicIllness #ChronicDepression #ChronicPain #MultipleSclerosis #ChronicFatigue #Lupus #bedbound #alwaysinbed #Nerve and joint pain #Anxiety #AutoimmuneThyroidDisease #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #TheMighty

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Hi! I’m new here!!

And I fell around midnight. Apparently I was down in the kitchen sleepwalking when somehow I fell backwards into the wall. I’m afraid to tell my boyfriend. I have a fear that he will finally have had enough and leave me. ( it’s an irrational fear because he is always here for me and loves me. He helps me every day) Anyway, my tailbone is killing me as well as my right leg. I have been falling more and more often and that scares me. Can anyone relate? I know I haven’t mentioned my chronic illnesses yet and I will do that in another post, I just need to vent a little and for that I’m thankful 💜 #ChronicIllness #MultipleSclerosis #Anxiety #Depression #Nerve and joint pain #BackPain #ChronicPain #PTSD


Neuropathic pain

Constant, never-ending radiating, prickling, feels like a tens unit stuck on high mode,this nerve pain is an overwhelming sensation. It began after 2nd cervical spinal fusion in which I had a CSF leak. It is….not in one small area, it is an all over pain which is felt mostly in face, neck, upper back, arms ! It’s exhausting! Does anyone have anything similar to this? Doc has me on high dose of pregabalin (Lyrica)… i think its still helping but when i asked for higher dose, dr said I’m on the highest. Can anyone help? #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #ChronicPain #Nerve and joint pain

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Gabapentin 2700mg is just NOT Enough #Gabapentin # #Nerve and joint pain #Medication

I can’t understand why my gabapentin just feels like nothing for my chronic pain and nerve damage.

I am suffering so immensely in my body and right now in this moment I just want to scream.


Sleep Deprived EEG Tests

I’m going to be having an eeg test soon for the first time. I just found out its a sleep deprived one.

Have you had this test and can you tell me your experience with it? I’m wondering why the neurologist ordered this kind (sleep deprived) specifically.

Did it get you and your doctors closer to proper diagnosis? #EEG #testing #Nerve and joint pain #neurologist #Diagnosis #mobility #Tinnitus #Epilepsy #ChronicPain


Hi all, hope you are well. I'm dealing with cubital tunnel syndrome since the last few months, and I wanted to know your experience with it.

#Nerve and joint pain #Nerve #cubitaltunnelsyndrome #ulnarnerve

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I can't believe I did it!

I pushed through and fought the absolutely terrible nerve pain in so many areas of my body last night, to make Friday night pizza and it was Delicious. So proud of my pain control/distraction🥰 #Pain , #Distract me,#pizza ,#Pride
#Nerve pain, #chronic pain, #Sarcoidosis ,


Never Give Up! Never Surrender!!!

So I’m going to try again. In my never ending search to help relieve pain I’m trying something that includes me having to ingest a bovine collagen powder drink that makes me gag. I’m usually pretty mind over matter but for some reason I just can’t get past the taste and thought. It’s sort of like this… made of cow hooves & tastes like old cowboy boots. So I’m asking for help. And yes I’ve mixed it with everything I can think of and I’m on my fourth carefully reviewed collagen product with no success. How do you take your collagen? #Fibromyalgia #Arthritis #Nerve and joint pain #OVERCOMERS

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A battle with no name

The pain at times feels like a poison running through my veins, escaping into my muscles.
Like there are giant iron nails being driven through various parts of my body while random bones are randomly being sprained or broken throughout each day.
Like my body is being crushed but at the same time might explode at any minute.
Like my eyes are made of cement and my brain is made of mush with spikes as it slithers through my head.
At times it feels like my limbs are attempting to be ripped from my body.
Sometimes there is a tingling sensation like someone is pervertedly tickling my insides and it's an itch that can't be scratched but one that is so uncomfortable and painful you want to rip your skin open just to try to let it escape.
There is a lump in my throat that won't go away like something is trying to speak but it doesn't know what to say.
There is a never ending balloon of air that keeps a heavy weight upon my chest that uncontrollable belching will just not put to rest.
A sickness inside of me that tries to pry itself out with extreme nausea but it's just another thing that can't seem to escape this darkness inside of me that I want gone.
Sometimes I get stabbed in the back by my own body as well...
Sometimes I feel like it wants me dead but it's just unsure how to complete the mission... or perhaps it wants to see me struggle the slowest fight to my death.

There is no feeling safe within this body.
Every day is just another battle in a war I can't even name.

#Nerve and joint pain