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    Ongoing look for solutions to what truly ails me.

    Had a new neurology visit today via zoom! I hate zooms! Sent because I continue to have neurological issues. Doc does not think MS, maybe a pinched nerve in my neck, but at least it gets me my cervical MRI. On my first MRI 3 years ago there was one T2 hypersensitivity in an area of my basal ganglia, which is the area dealing with movement… my greatest issue. But new doc eyes will see what comes of this. Many of my symptoms just don’t match my two diagnoses of PsA and Lupus. I’m certain about the PsA, not so certain about the Lupus. My symptoms have to do with major spasticity in many areas of my body, twitching caused by what feels like electric shocks, gait issues, urine inconvenience, no temperature regulation (reynaulds and never know when I have a fever, unless I wake up sweating), neuropathy started in big toes and finger tips, shaking events that they say are not seizures but yet affect my speech and thought process while it’s going on ( only stops by taking Ativan), disorganization so bad I don’t want anyone to come to my house anymore (that thought makes me cry), fatigue yet thankful no organ involvement at this point (although I’ve been scared numerous times).


    My Usual Flare Ups - Just my rant!

    I wake up every morning with stiffness until I spend 10-15 minutes stretching from #Fibromyalgia . Once a week, sometimes every other week, I have light sensitivity + migraines. Nothing sharp, just a dull pulsing ache. However, every single day, I suffer from neck pain and with a flare up it goes to my shoulders. More symptoms of #Fibromyalgia . Now to the back, the lower back. L5 region on the left side I go through aches. A few times a year it flares to wear it feels like it’s a pinched nerve but is the only time it doesn’t cause pain in my sciatic. And all the while my spine is perfectly fine! Can you believe that? Now, while all this is happening my fatigue is the most frustrating! And dont get me started with the spasms. Probably suffered longer than my initial diagnosis, but I still have to work in a stressful workplace. And told

    “You are too you to go through pain”

    “Add 30+ years” Mind you, I’m 32 but look like I’m 19.

    I want to say I’m hurting without the judgement.

    Now, don’t get me started with my symptoms of #Anxiety and #Depression . When I go through my depression moods, I’m quiet and don’t want to get out of bed. When I feel anxiety especially socially, I talk to much and pace/move around.

    Let’s talk about things I’ve been denied:

    Disability insurance
    Student loan forgiveness for a disability
    2 leave of absence from work both FMLA and Intermittent
    MRI (originally)

    That’s a start…
    That’s the end of my rant. For now….


    Insomnia thoughts

    So it turns out my feminine sway in my walk is bc of a pinched nerve in my back where my body is sort of limping bc of weakening muscles from my pinched nerve. Who knew 😂 #DegenerativeDiscDisease #ChronicSpinePain #chiropractorstories


    My experience

    Hi all, I created this group as I didn't see any group specific to my condition. I wanted to share my experience. I had injured my elbow by accidently hitting the wall, in Nov 2021. Initial pain was bad. But after resting for a few days, the tingling reduced, but I maintained the classic cubital tunnel symptoms (pain in pinky and ring finger, difficulty bending the elbow).
    As the pain didn't subside for a couple of weeks, I went to a hand specialist, where I had a horrible experience. He barely checked my hand, told me to do some weighted therapy exercises (no clear regiment explained), and then said I will be good in 3 weeks. The exercises were a big mistake, as they greatly aggravated my condition, the pain increased and I developed a painful click in my elbow as well.
    After that I got a second opinion and I was finly diagnosed with cubital tunnel, tendinitis and bursitis of the elbow. Had to take a steroid course, and strong painkillers. Finally I started physical therapy in late January 2022, which has been helping. Now there is almost no pain at rest and clicking has gone, but still can't really use my arm for anything other than typing.
    Even though my symptoms are improving, the injury has caused a lot of mental exhaustion after being in pain for almost 4 months, so I wanted to talk with others in similar scenarios and how they are dealing with it.
    Thanks and take care.
    #PinchedNerve #cubitaltunnelsyndrome


    Who knows…….just need empathy

    Suddenly my ankle was weak my foot felt like when it goes to sleep. Saw my primary care and its probably a pinched nerve and not a stroke or tia but when I stand or walk it starts feeling weird again. So now me not wanting to go shopping is ruining my husband’s plans for my birthday🙁

    See full photo

    Toolkit for Life with Chronic Pain

    Inspired by folks' migraine toolkits, I'm posting a (partial) toolkit for Life with chronic pain.

    In the top photo you can see my shiatsu massager, my tens machine, cranio cradle, ice packs, massage balls (kept in the freezer for a pleasant cooling affect), oversized heating pad, and extra large heat bag.

    Bottom left is a collection of braces and compression garments: two different back braces, plantar fasciitis braces, ankle braces, wrist brace, compression gloves (two pairs, because I misplaced one and ordered a second), compression socks (one of multiple pairs), compression sleeve, full leg compression sleeves, calf compression sleeves, and one of my canes.

    Finally a collection of medications, prescription and non, pain relieving ointments, eye drops, sunglasses and earplugs. I forgot to include my CBD oil.

    Not included in the photos are my wardrobe of soft, loose fitting, comfortable clothing, made from natural, breathable fabrics (cotton, linen, and wool), and my comfortable, flat, supportive shoes (no more heels for me!) for all seasons and occasions. Also not making an appearance: my collection of essential oils (for rubbing on achy spots and putting in the bath), Epsom salts for the tub, grab bars, two weighted blankets (one for the bedroom, the other in the living room), and my pillow collection. I have a selection of regular pillows, two different designs of cervical pillow, and two body pillows.

    Perhaps most important are my four legged family who keep me distracted and amused, keep my out of my own head, and encourage me to exercise.

    #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #Migraine #PinchedNerve #plantarfasciitis


    My Sciatica Journey - Silent, but Affecting My Mood.

    Sciatica is an inflammatory form of spinal pain caused by a pinched nerve.

    The pain is intense, and comes in waves. It is affected by motion, posture, and body tension from weights carried.

    My ongoing treatment includes physical therapy, NSAID medicated cream and oral medication, heating pads, posture changes and knee pillow, narrow neck pillow and softer mattress.

    My pain level has reduced by over 40 percent since my treatment. There is much less pain in walking and just laying in bed. I can walk and still be able to sit down.

    Yet, the flare ups themselves haven’t ended and I’m unsure whether it is because I’m not getting enough exercise for physical therapy or just that the condition needs more rehabilitation in the form of additional treatments.

    I’m unsure if there is a more specific issue that has silently been there and yet remains undiagnosed and thus, not yet treated.

    I’m hoping that there is some light that can be shed on this.

    Perhaps I need to do some of the following?

    1. Ice therapy for my back.
    2. TENS treatment (on a day basis).
    3. Infrared heating.
    4. Steroid based injections?

    Right now, I have only gotten three months of treatment. Reducing my pain has been good. I’m hoping to become pain free in terms of sciatica.

    sciatica #


    Can't find the pencil to post

    😊 What am I grateful for?

    I'm grateful for my ability to get through horrible times.

    😓 What am I struggling with?

    Living with my mother who is abusive.

    👍 What went well?

    I was able to unload a truck full of potting soil with my son even though I have a painful pinched nerve in my neck.

    🛠 What could have been better.

    My mother attacking my son again to me.

    ❓ Anything!

    Looking forward to therapy tomorrow.