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My birth dads Christian Cult

They’re cult is not any mainstream form of Christianity. I want to clarify it is not Mormon, JW, Catholicism, Protestant, etc. it’s a cult specific to a very tiny town. These cults exist all over the midwest and the south in small towns. Tiny towns more specifically. So before assuming I’m calling Christianity a cult or Mormonism remember I’m speaking of a legit cult. Christian’s cults do exist.

They involve extremist views such as Amish lifestyles, raising girls on the art of home birthing from an early age, teaching boys to do laborious tasks and self defense from an early age, college is bad, medicine is bad, doctors are bad, girls are taught early how to make medicine for the family, they’re also taught never to have a job because that’s mens work. They live in the small town community and will likely die in that small town community.

Growing up I would visit and the Bible blasted from every room because speakers were connected in every room… even the bathroom. And the bedroom. The kids had to sleep with it on. It resembled brainwashing honestly. There’s also a lot of sexual abuse of little girls as women are believed to exist for men. There’s mixed feelings towards it. But it is never handled appropriately.

So as you can see these are not your average modern day Christian’s. They have no experience outside their cult so their views of the world are ignorant and naive not that they realize this.

My brother the oldest of my cult siblings bought an apartment outside of the town. I was very proud. He also got a new wild hair cut…. It’s not good. But shh! At least it’s an improvement. I do worry though as the older he’s got he’s become very angry and depressed. He’s depressed at losing his mom to cancer and he’s angry about politics. But all his political views are just echos of his community. He doesn’t have experience with any of the people he hates. So how can he know he hates them?

I’m hoping his growth doesn’t end with a hair cut lol. But this is an fyi for those who don’t realize these cults exist and are indeed a big problem.

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Spiritual abuse? #spiritualabuse #spiritualhealth #Christianity #cults #culticfamily #cultculture

Anyone’s mental or emotional health issues related to spiritual abuse?
I grew up with religious parents. They claimed the Christian faith/belief system. In reality, it was an extremely unhealthy, unbiblical, toxic, and cult-like belief system. I’m a Christian, but always really struggling and wrestling with my faith and relationship with God. Currently giving God the cold shoulder and silent treatment.
I don’t like where I’m at, but I’m very apathetic and I guess I don’t care enough to try to work on my relationship with Him.