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The Past Parent is the Present

Yes, being in the narcissistic parent's crosshairs is quite painful. A relative told me that I had all the food and shelter that money could buy so I should be grateful and overlook the emotional and mental abuse. Just to silence me. And also asked why do I keep bringing up the past? Well, it's the past and present. I take abuse from noone, I said, not even family. I'm surrounded by gaslighters and flying monkeys, disguised as family. #NarcissisticAbuse #Anxiety #Depression #Anxiety #daughters

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Struggling to find compassion... #MentalHealth #BipolarDepression #BipolarDisorder #Depression #Anxiety #daughters

...my 23 yr old daughter is moving back home this weekend. She's finally completed her undergraduate degree after 5 1/2 years and was supposed to start a graduate degree program last week. Long story, short, she lied to her dad and me about starting the program. We've been supporting her financially and emotionally through all this. She struggles with depression and anxiety often. But, so do I. I feel like she thinks it all about her and her needs without thinking of how her actions effect other people. We just found out she lied about this on Monday and it's Wednesday and she accused me of not caring about her feelings...but what about her dad and my feelings. Don't we have a right to negative emotions about this?. We decided that when she is home, she'll have to earn her keep by chores, and household projects. I feel betrayed and angry and sad and I feel guilty too because I raised her, pretty much. How can I find the compassion she needs to help her get through her struggles (she's leaving her boyfriend behind at the apartment they live in.) It feels like such a mess and I'm struggling a lot to manage my own emotions. Any kind words would be much appreciated. 😢

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My Sister Ran Away Again!

My sister and I haven't spoke in about 17 years or so. When my mother disowned me, my sister was still with me for a little while and then she went cold on me. I'm the Scapegoat in my family. At 34 my mother did not approve of my second husband and disowned me on my wedding day. She wouldn't come to our small service. And she wouldn't allow my father to come, but my sister stood by my side. Until about 10 months later.. I don't know what happened! We got into our fifties and I realized we were abused by a narcissistic mother! I reached out to my sister and four months later she reached back out saying our childhood was extremely abusive and she agreed and said she realized about a year ago how sick her mother has made her. Now for the last year and a half we've been having 5 hour long conversations about every six weeks. A few months ago she told me her new therapist told her that she herself grew up in a narcissistic home and she has nothing to do with her sister or other siblings. I didn't take it as a clue... Well I'm really hurt. I've never done anything wrong to her. But I'm treated like the Scapegoat again. I'm trying not to be so depressed about this! I'm so sad that my sister doesn't want to be old lady friends and plays word games without honesty. Any suggestions, ideas, stories that would be helpful will be gratefully appreciated.
#Anxiety #CPTSD #Depression #Pain #daughters OF NARCISSISTIC MOTHERS #clinical DEPRESSION

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Let's Get This Group Going

Survivers of narcissistic mothers are figuring things out more and more that they've been abused! We need to shine a light b on this topic for more people to come forward!!

#daughters OF NARCISSISTIC MOTHERS #c-PTSD #Depression # FEAR #Anxiety

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Such a nice thought

A couple years ago I painted this watercolor card for my daughter’s birthday. She likes it so much that she displays it!