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Just sharing my beautiful fur baby with you all tonight hope you are all safe and keeping well #reachingout #Love #order #anxiety #MentalHealth

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#stability #reachingout #censureemotions

Interesting! Apparently I really upset the applecart at home. BIG TIME, but I had no memory of doing so!!!! There was trauma, chaos. Aha! On the day in question, I was openly cranky, tired,and frustrated. Some felt disrespected and insulted by my "unsettling attitude." Yup, I was "guilty" of being---------cranky, and of not being my usual self. I have great respect for the relative who informed me my behavior was being viewed in a different light. Communication floodgates opened. Resolved our concerns ( I hope😄). It's #goodmedicine

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Silence is like a pit. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #quietborderline #self -destructive #reachingout #Trust

Once it surrounds you it engulfs you.
You try to hold on to the edges as it's a long way back from the bottom and if you get to the bottom it's almost impossible to pull yourself back from that pit.
There's others around you telling you to reach out but what if they let go?
So I pull back hoping they forget I'm in this pit...
I know I'll fall if I don't but I'm to heavy for myself then surely I'm to heavy for others?
It's terrifying to feel this way,
It's lonely to have a guard up...
It's frustrating that I'm back here and I'm trying to keep it in so no one see's all this pain I carry.
The guilt, the shame, the tears, the self-hate... How did I get back to this lonely and terrifying pit?

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#ineedhelp #Ineedsupport #alone #Depression

Fellow mighty warriors throw me a lifeline. Words for the depressed that can’t seem to shake the funk to save her soul. Words for someone who constantly is alone in a world filled with people. YOU mighty warriors are my support system and today is one of those days where I just need someone to restore my faith in humanity cause I just want to give up. #mightywarriors #helpme #Anxiety #Depression #reachingabreakingpoint #reachingout #isorder #Broken


Is there such a thing as reaching out too many times when you’re struggling? #Anxiety

I’ve found myself struggling the past few days and I normally never reach out to friends and just deal with my mental health alone. But I’ve found I’m hitting a bit of a low point and have reached out to people I trust just to keep me company, send funny pics or just chat...... but is there a thing as reaching out too many times in a row? I don’t want to be alone right now and just need someone to be there for me but I don’t want people to get annoyed at me 😞 #Anxiety #Depression #reachingout


Hi I'm new !

Hi everyone! This is my first post on here !! I don't really know how this whole thing works to be honest, and I'm kind of nervous. I'm here because my therapist thought it might be a good idea to connect with people who have chronic pain like me. I feel isolated because of it; I can't really talk about it with my loved ones and I guess I'd like to talk to someone who can understand, you know? Please feel free to reach out !! Thank you so much in advance !

#MightyTogether #ChronicPain #reachingout #firstpost

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#Life #reachingout #lifeisaboutbalance #ArtTherapy #Art

I call this Cradle the Fire. Life can easily overwhelm but to me keeping the fire burning is essential.


#Depression #reachingout #WeCare #Support

Please don’t get me wrong. Messages of support are so appreciated and grateful for them. But coming from strangers, what does it mean? What value is there? We don’t even know each other? I guess it’s the same as in groups like AA. And coming from the same familu and friends who have hurt amd disappointed you? It’s like theyre just cleaning their conscience. I’m sorry but I’m at the end of it.

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#newgirl #newtothemighty #reachingout #uncertaintimes

Co-Vid19 has had the entire country shut down for 14 days. I feel so much more infinitely isolated than I was already battling due to chronic illness and complex ptsd. I've been angry,sad,scared,and exhausted all in their own time. So now I will attempt to be brave. I believe there is power in numbers. I believe there is peace and happiness that lies somewhere for us all. We just have to be up to the quest of discovering it. It has been so incredibly long since I have truly let anyone in to see the effects of my dark broken childhood that has conditioned my mind and my body for that indescribable trauma response. I want to feel something other than fight or flight. I'm tired of choosing to hide my breaking heart, my tired soul. My daughter brings so much love and light to my life. Am I greedy to want more??