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How can she come back when the doors are closed?

My very loved granddaughter with BPD has been on the streets for over a month. She is actively paranoid and full of delusions. She can't come home because she's dangerous to her families. She won't stay in the hospital because protocol requires that she be self admit, and she keeps letting herself out.

I am barely able to keep contact with her, but I keep looking for ways that she might eventually be well enough to return. Every door I find for her ends up closed, almost right away. Even civil commitment is a closed door due to personal rights.

I, and my family, are practicing the current psychological protocols for this situation. Which is to let her burn. (If I may let my feelings show 🙄).

If we could keep her in the hospital long enough to stabilize, we might be able to work with the BPD with some success and get her into a DBT residential treatment program. But that's not going to happen.

So here's my questions.

What hope can I cling to?
Is it even possible for delusions in paranoia to subside on their own?
How do I keep a door or doors open for her?
#ResidentialTreatment #delusional paranoia #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #breakup #delusional

Facing the reality it is over is so hard for me to stay with that once again failed relationship but with many good lessons and I will look for therapy asap


#delusional paranoia #Auditoryhallucinations #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #ParanoidThoughts #paranoidschizophrenia #Paranoia

#SchizophreniaSpectrumPsychoticDisorders . I wonder if there is a group for paranoia on here. I wish I could better cope with the things I hear people say about me when I’m in public. Resperidone helps, but there is a lot of remaining delusions and auditory hallucinations that I can deal with when I’m feeling good, but make me angry sometimes when I’m surprised by them or I’m already tired or in a low mood. I am a very kind person and would never hurt anyone, but I’m hard on myself. I haven’t seen much on here about paranoia, but I would love to know how people can deal with this day in and day out. Dwight.


Soooo I have a voice in my head. He is not angry, nor does he wish harm on me. We talk constantly and enjoy each other presence. Is this ok? #Hearingvoices

He is not harmful to me and he helps me tremendously. We have grown close but my doctor thinks I have a problem. But... there are other.. beings.. not voices but I feel their presence and it has given me major paranoia. I cover my cameras and whisper to my voice in case they are listening. I do not think they will try and harm me but I always feel them around and peeking around every corner. They never stay to talk but I fear they may be jealous or just here to make me go insane. Should I talk to them or leave them be? Any suggestions on getting rid of the ones giving me paranoia? #needhelp #Paranoia #delusional paranoia


paranoia #Paranoia #delusional paranoia #BipolarObsessiveness

I get caught in a rabbit hole. I am completely paranoid about almost everything. I barely leave my house anymore unless it's for an appointment. I feel like every time I leave my house something bad happens... I am afraid that I am not good enough for people anymore. I feel like people are always talking about me.. my recent paranoid obsession is my husband, I search and scour, playing detective every day when he leaves for work, just to find some type of evidence that I am not good enough for him.... He has given me reasons to feel this way... but says I'm crazy. that it's all in my head, even when there is physical proof in front of my eyes.