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    Yeah, #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder be like that.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so seen by a meme. As I enter what will hopefully be the home stretch of all of the hard work of five years of therapy, I am having to reconcile the fact that … I like who I am becoming and what I can do, such as starting adult and present in most moments. But I’m wrestling with the idea that the “old me” is all I’ve known for the better part of five decades. Who am I now, If not a ball of hyper vigilant anxiety? This is one of my big personal goals of 2023, to try and define who I am and what I would like my life too look like moving forward.

    Love and light to all on your own journeys of discovery.

    #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #developmentaltraumadisorder #Anxiety #ChildhoodTraumaSurvivors

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    Want to believe I’m not broken beyond repair... #Depression

    A friend shared this video with me today. It felt inspiring while listening to it but my inner critic is trying to tell me the positive message is impossible for me to achieve.

    Be Proud of Your Scars [Original Video] (kintsugi) - จงภูมิใจในบาดแผลขอ...

    I sometimes I just want to think and feel I will not just be a product of my upbringing that has made me believe that I am broken beyond repair. Is it possible to fill all my flaws, cracks and internal scars with precious gold?

    I really want to believe my experiences have really made me stronger and a better person. I really do not like hearing that “things happen for a reason “. Of course I’d rather not have had bad experience , after bad experience that has shaped me into who I am today. Although when that inner critic is silent there are moments I can be proud that I have survived. I’m still standing after all I’ve been through.

    Anyway check out the link if you want. It’s at least a different way to look at the negative experiences you’ve had for even a moment. Some days every little bit helps!
    #CPTSD #EmotionalNeglect #developmentaltraumadisorder

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    any groups or people with developmental trauma disorder on here ? diagnosed or undiagnosed

    sometimes I feel like I'm the only one , there's nothing online besides academic papers # # #DevelopmentalDisabilities #developmentaltraumadisorder


    Standing Back Up Bloody, Battered, Broken & Busted

    Being in a continuum of trauma after fleeing my home base city to one I knew noone in, was intended to Become a fresh start. You could say that. In future releases I will explain the sensational yet simultaneous inflictions of systematic violence that mirrored the exact violence placed upon me while on trial for getting out from under a man that had almost taken my life. Fast forward 3years duration of that trial in attempt to pick myself back up, again have been tossed around by a landlord in every capacity including lying to put me in jail saying i am violent and assault the 7"2 man that has now put me so far into dissociation...i couldn't obtain confidence in even walking let alone breathing without fear of this mans actions. And i was paying for them and still am. Known full well to system and small knit community we are situated in. I brought lawyers. His acts worsened. Started tribunal in court where at the 5th reading I was allowed to speak about my story...and of course branching off with fear of being silenced tried to grab at compartments unable from this severity of pushed and forced trauma by entities said to aide or prevent from this happening with knowedge and coping strategies.
    In saying that...those who were there said they were proud of me but i cant remember what i said. I will no longer flight those who abuse me and this life lesson if doing exactly what im doing us, and i pray, what heals all of this in my 1st world free country of Canada.
    I started gardening this week and can walk with a little confidence. But My experience tells me i wont be good enough to get it done in flow or order. And this is because every step of the way...every human in my life has stripped what i knew to be true about the real world and intentions of others. I truly had no idea walking forward wasn't good enough and in fact caused more damage than anyone has available to fit my unique needs. I paint my story and plan on giving voice to others in similar situations as me. Thanks for your support, stories, and resolves. Stay Mighty. And generously share that might to hold up a woman on the brink of make or break for all battered women in Canadian legal and medical history books.
    #CheerMeOn #dissociativetrance #dissociativeamnesia #complextrauma #developmentaltraumadisorder #CPTSD #DomesticAbuseSurvivors #DissociationDisorders #apeekthroughmylookingglassbysarahj #blackshunicorn