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Can you possibly have Lupus even when the blood tests say no? I have Raynauds and inflammation too. I have canker sores in my mouth and dry eye. Heat

#DiscoidLupus #

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My body sucks sometimes.

With so many issues going on at once, I’m convinced my body just can’t make up its mind. I am exhausted all day but can’t sleep at night. I am so tired but so restless that I can’t sit still. I have so much that I want to get done and my body is saying to do it but I can’t focus enough or concentrate well enough to do it.
I keep telling myself that if just one thing would get better, my world would make sense again. I don’t even think that would happen at this point with my body being as broken as it is.
Please tell me someone else is feeling this. #RheumatoidArthritis #PerniciousAnemia #DiscoidLupus #hashimotos #GravesDisease #CrohnsDisease


Hello, I have been on Plaquenil for 3 years and my symptoms are just getting worse.

I am seeing a new rheumatologist who is assessing me for Sojgren's, Discoid Lupus and Lupus Nephritis. Has anyone been diagnosed with all of these have any advice or comments regarding what medications to watch out for or which are helpful? Thanks! #LupusNephritis #sjogrens #DiscoidLupus

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I don’t want to date and have become a hermit since my skin was destroyed. is there any dating sites for the ill?

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Minnesota starts the first Patient Support Group!!!

So extremely excited to share that HealthPartners along with Regions Hospital are supporting a Minnesota Lupus Support Group, which is the first in its kind in years in Minnesota! I have been grateful to have HealthPartners as my primary care team and where my rheumatologist who diagnosed me & saw me through my hardest and humbling of years. This group got started with #Gratitude #thankfulness #recognition .
I got to honor my doctor with the #giftofgratitudeaward with Regions Hospital Foundation to share my story of nearly being 15 minutes away from death from septic shock, fighting for medication insurance approvals (4K monthly), sharing how my doctor and his team including his entire staff on the rheumatology floor would fight any and all the battles to give me the best care. Including; fit me into his schedule, referred to the best specialist based on the surgeries & sicknesses that I was up against urgently.
This doctor I regard as a not only a outstanding #physician , but also a very important and integral part of my care team.
I’m #thankful to him & his team and the foundation that were inspired to start a support group facilitated by their patient education team, to start this only #Minnesota based #Lupus #supportgroup of its kind! #Important #humbling #years #Advocacy #Lupus #Minnesota #SupportGroups #SystemicLupusErythematosus #DiscoidLupus #AutoimmuneDisease