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Dear society, I have 6 non-romantic system partners and it’s not made up | TW erasure #venting

Dear society,

Please stop making all of your information on
"love" advice for romantic couples or just
throuples. Please stop assuming that only couples exist. And please stop assuming that
everyone has or wants a partner or feels
romantic/sexual attraction to someone. It's very
annoying! I'm queerplatonic with all of my 6, yes 6, partners. Not romantic, but more than platonic. It’s real.

Please stop assuming that our
partners are either a boy or a girl. I have one wife, two non-binary spouses, and
three non-married non-binary partners.

Don't tell me to choose one. Don't ask me who I
like more because I like all of them equally and
that's that. Don't tell me my partners are "made
up" because we're in a system.

Oh, and one last thing. Please stop making Valentine’s Day look like it’s solely a romantic holiday. Because that’s very annoying also. The most important thing is loving yourself above anything else. Not everyone experiences love to others.

A non-binary man who is tired of this
amatonormativity and monogamy-centered
society /neg /vsrs

#feelingerased #LGBTQIA #polyamorous #polyaffectionate #erasure #DearSociety #ThislsMe #tired #system #ValentinesDay #Important #Anxiety #erasure #queerplatonic

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#mental Illness #Support #understand #caring #Important

If Someone Close to You is Going Thru Any Type of Mental Illness.. It Really is Important to Try & Realize What Condition Y'all Are Dealing with.. With Most Mental Disorders, the Subject Will Experience EVERY Symptom Listed in Almost ALL Cases.
UNDERSTAND that Symptoms are exactly that: SYMPTOMS. Unchangeable🙊 & Jus Know Dat Ya Really Can't Fully Understand How Bad, its Like Inside of A Mind During Madness Unless You've Completely Broken Down Yourself..

Please JUST BE NICE & CONSIDERATE. Mental Illness is LITERAL HELL. & TORTURE OF what You're Absolutely ALWAYS Supposed to Be In Charge Of. Yo Brain.. ❤🎗

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Today is a special day for those who get busy. A day set a side like other holidays to do special thinks and make time to spend with others. Companies have took advantage and profited off people with #differentlovelanguages .
With all this said... does it mean you have to have a romantic other? NO.
Today you can spend it with anyone whom you care for. Yourself, a relative, a best friend, your kids, your pets... the list goes on. Life gets busy. This is what holidays are actually for... spending time together and making memories. It is not all about money.
Technology, everyday should be this way... but, as I stated.. life gets busy as we try to survive in our world now ... that revolves around money. It is a bit sad.. but, very true.
So, I hope this has helped someone's day become brighter. It is not lonely and sad. #Selflove is not sad but, #Important .

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My tattoos and the story behind them

I wanted to share with you my tattoos and the stories behind them. I am really interested to hear your tattoo stories as well so please share yours too with the hastag #mytattoos

-this is my first ever tattoo. I got it when I was 16 years old. It's in my mothers handwriting and it's the last two lines of my favorite poem. The poem is called Invictus and it's written by William Ernest Henley in 1875. He wrote it while he was in the hospital treating tuberculosis. It's a survivor poem. I read it first when I was about 12 years old and I thought it was so strong and powerful. It reminds me every day that I am in control of my own life and how I react to things that I can not control.
##Tattoo ##Tattoos #MotivationalTattoos ##Survivor ##PersonalGrowth #Poem #Important #Art #personal #Depression #Motivation #strong #Powerful #stories #story #control #History #BipolarDepression #remember #keepgoing #routine



I remember when I first started feeling pain in my hands. I was working a lot and couldn't complete simple tasks at time. My first thought was arthritis because it runs in my family. I went to the doctor and they ran tests. A couple weeks later, they called my mom (I gave them her number as primary because I worked a lot and was busy a lot). They told her I tested positive for lupus and gave her information about a rheumatologist. She called and told me the good news was i tested negative for rheumatoid arthritis amd told me to come over on my day off. A couple days later, I went to her house. She told me i might have lupus and started crying. She didn't know a lot about it and I never heard of it, so just the word made me panic and start crying. I knew nothing about autoimmune diseases. We sat there and started our research. It was terrifying to be told I may have a disease that I know nothing about for the rest of my life. Fast forward to now, I've tested AA negative since then, but ANA positive, I have polyarthralgia and leukopenia. I have yet to have an official diagnosis or treatment. I have educated myself in my diagnoses and similar illnesses. I do my research every single day. I keep a folder on it all. I've learned a lot as I've gotten sicker. It's important to be educated and know what's going on in your body. It makes it a little less scary if you know.

#Education #Important #CheckInWithMe

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This is Lou

This is Lou. I don’t have many feelings but I do know I LOVE Lou! He’s with me 24/7 he looks at me and his eyes are just full of love. Ohhh Lou I think he’s nervous most of the time but we both are kicking the bad issues from our lives. #1st time walkingoutisdeduringday #vitamind #Important

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Minnesota starts the first Patient Support Group!!!

So extremely excited to share that HealthPartners along with Regions Hospital are supporting a Minnesota Lupus Support Group, which is the first in its kind in years in Minnesota! I have been grateful to have HealthPartners as my primary care team and where my rheumatologist who diagnosed me & saw me through my hardest and humbling of years. This group got started with #Gratitude #thankfulness #recognition .
I got to honor my doctor with the #giftofgratitudeaward with Regions Hospital Foundation to share my story of nearly being 15 minutes away from death from septic shock, fighting for medication insurance approvals (4K monthly), sharing how my doctor and his team including his entire staff on the rheumatology floor would fight any and all the battles to give me the best care. Including; fit me into his schedule, referred to the best specialist based on the surgeries & sicknesses that I was up against urgently.
This doctor I regard as a not only a outstanding #physician , but also a very important and integral part of my care team.
I’m #thankful to him & his team and the foundation that were inspired to start a support group facilitated by their patient education team, to start this only #Minnesota based #Lupus #supportgroup of its kind! #Important #humbling #years #Advocacy #Lupus #Minnesota #SupportGroups #SystemicLupusErythematosus #DiscoidLupus #AutoimmuneDisease