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I’m 32 in July, just diagnosed with bipolar. Mom
Of 2. I’m like the really really happy manic type but depressed....... Isn’t that the definition anyways? Lol 👋

It just became true reality to me the past 24hrs.

My entire life..... mind blown. How different could things be. TRYING NOT TO GO THERE.

A mental crash in October spiralled to where I am today.
I was on a SSRI from November 2019- March 13 2020. I threw them away cause they were killing. Waking in panic. Not eating. Not functioning AT ALL. I guess I once covered 20 topics in 2 minutes when talking with my councillor. Manic (just learning these terms also). Physically in pain and sick. I thought I was going to die. There wasn’t much meat on my bones when I decided to quit my pills and left my 15 year long relationship.

Started seeing a phsychiatrist 4 weeks ago, started me on a new pill (PILLS TERRIFY ME) to treat bipolar 4 weeks ago. Took the pill, slept, woke up the next morning with a better feeling.

The relationship I left was a very damaging one also that I have a lot of healing to overcome.
I’m honestly a shit show right now.

Anyways..... couldn’t sleep. Discovered the Mighty. Your group was at the top of the explore line. I wanted to just say my story. Had to share for my heart somewhere✌️
Hi everyone!
#hyper #sad #Selflove #discovery #sugarmoonacres #soundsofthenight #thunderofthefrogs #Nature

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#Selflove : What’s a positive “void filler” we can turn to?

#Selfharm seems like an easy route to fill a void; whether it be substance, over-working, malbehaviors, anything to keep us filling voids of areas in our life we don’t want to admit need attention. What’s a positive behavior or action we can take to start exploring these empty holes in our daily lives? #discovery #growth #PersonalGrowth #Selflove

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2020: I ‘m learning to love myself again.

So, I’ve hit some bumps over the past year... who hasn’t? I’ve finally had my #Epiphany that I am worth more than negative behavior and #Selfharming actions. I’m not giving up this time on myself; watch me go-go. I’m going to accomplish and experience more than I ever imagined possible. #growth #discovery #flourish