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Medical assistants and optometrist aren't ophthalmologists

Look at the picture.
The difference: my spelling mistakes disappeared once I started mirror-writing
90% of my spelling mistakes go away when I do mirror-writing
I've mixed up letters as far back as elementary school
I remember there were a few times when I had to reread novels three times before I fully understood the plot
The "severity" of dyslexia is a spectrum. Some people mix up letters every once in a while and others struggle with it multiple times a day.
Someone (who doesn't have a medical degree) told me that you can mix up letters and not have dyslexia. This was the same person who realized I couldn't tell the difference between the word regime and reign.
The people who wrote the "scientific" paper saying that you can mix up letters and not have dyslexia aren't ophthalmologists.
One of the biggest flaws in scientific studies (the ones that have later than been debunked) is having a small and biased sample size and mixing up correlation and causation. (A good example is the replication of the "marshmallow test.")
Dr. Sheryl M Handler and Dr. Walter M Fierson (alongside the American Academy of Pediatrics) have debunked the idea that vision therapy can cure someone from mixing up letters.
Vision therapy "curing" learning disabilities is essentially a placebo effect that didn't work for me (as I still make spelling mistakes when I don't mirror-write)
Brain studies are valid and factual, testimonials are a matter of opinion.
While I don't believe in self diagnosing yourself with cancer or twitching on camera to get TikTok views, there are times when starting a conversation about symptoms should be taken seriously
#DisabilityPrideMonth #disabilityawareness #mirrorwriting #Dyslexia #dyslexic #dyslexiaawareness

Vision Therapy for Dyslexia: Smoke and Mirrors

I recently returned from the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) annual conference, which was excellent. One of the talks I attended was using Vision Therapy (VT) as a treatment for dyslexia. That same day I had a question from a parent on VT pop into my DyslexiaHelp in-box.
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"Reframing isn’t about pretending a situation is great when it may not be.

Rather, it’s about discovering what could be great, what you could learn by consequence or how you can use the situation to create a better outcome.

When you can reframe a particular experience or interaction, you can often change what happens as a result" - Robbins

#Dyslexia #dyslexic #reframedyslexia


Need some advice

So I’m wondering if it’s okay to talk to my boss/job about how I’m feeling. Mostly due to my disability. I’m dyslexic. For the most part I think I’m fine however the frations are killing me. I’m so uncomfortable in my job and I’m afraid to ask for help or a more itemized list. I feel like I’m floundering without this, it’s something I’m so use to having in the past whether it be school or other jobs. Do you think it’s okay to ask for this accommodation or do you think I need to suck it up? #Dyslexia #dyslexic #Anxity #Depression #Job #CheckInWithMe

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#Dyslexia #Dyscalculia #AuditoryProcessingDisorder

Although we all have different #dyslexic profiles, at some point, we've shared many of the same emotions.
Low self-esteem, lack of confidence, poor self image, shame, suicidal ideation, embarrassment, anger, inexplicable fear, constant anxiety, panic attacks, bullying, bad memory, lack of focus, inability to build relationships, depression, difficulty adjusting to change, perpetual confusion, lack of self-awareness, isolation and PTSD.

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Shop-aholic or or treating your-self ?

Some people have possessive compulsive disorders and others have depression. I am one that like treating my self and giving people little gifts at times when they need it. I have been starting to learn that love is what matters the most taking 5-10 minutes to actually get to know someone before you judge them.
People with mental health issues can be put off to the side but I do promise you theripy dose wounders. It fixed my relationship with the ones I love and loved. I do get overwhelmed because of my ptsd. But what makes you strong won't kill you. If you need to stand up and say you had enough then do so. But talk to people before you do.



I am broken I’m dyslexic but reading is soo easy for me. I am meant to be social yet I am the quietest in my class. I am broken in to many different ways. #dyslexic