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    Step by step guidance on improving nutrition for optimal pain relief.

    I am writing a series of eBooks on nutrition that will be advertised in about a week. The first book covers the types of foods needed in your nutrition plan to relief pain and the nutritional elements that help with pain reduction. It also includes some meals and snacks that are fast and easy. #Food to include in diet, # food to avoid for pain relief, supplements and pain,#Food choices #mindset to follow food program for pain. Cost only $4.99 includes tips about nutrition for those who have chronic pain.

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    Great story!


    Violet dreams of swimming in a rainbow river in a world greater than her own. The next morning, she sees auras, in all the colors of the rainbow, around her family, her best friends Amber and Nila, classmates, and everyone else in her small east coast town.
    Amber is dating the most popular guy in grade nine, but their auras hint at a problem with their relationship, and Amber’s red overlay shows she has unresolved trauma. Violet wants to help, but she needs to know more about auras and her other new abilities. A series of dreams reveal this — and her role in the future of humanity as the first Auracle.
    Violet discovers her limitless potential, as she copes with the challenges of high school and friends drifting apart. Fortunately, there’s Perry, her unexpected new friend and confidant. He helps Violet see that nothing in her town or life will ever be black and white again.
    An uplifting and positive story about spirituality and teenage angst, Auracle is a coming-of-age story that suggests we are different colors — by spirit, not skin — and that our world is a better place when we unite. Mystical and charming, Dawn Mossman’s debut is sure to be one of the most thought-provoking and enchanting novels you will experience.

    Authors Note:
    I am working on a second novel. I am turning Auracle into a series. I stopped promoting my first book and started concentrating on the second.
    I started a free book promotion for the first time since April 2020 and suddenly Auracle is killing it. On Amazon in the US its #6 in Teen & Young Adult Visionary & Metaphysical Fiction eBooks
    #15 in Metaphysical Fiction
    #51 in Teen & Young Adult Science Fiction eBooks in the US
    In Canada it is
    #9 in Metaphysical Fiction
    #92 in Children's Fiction
    I've been having the best day ever.
    If you haven't read Auracle yet, the link is below. Book 2 to come in 2022


    If you enjoy reading ebooks try freebooksy.com. Every day they offer free books. Pick your genre or 5 or 7 and they will send you a list of free books for the day. You can download them to your phone or your reader.


    Concentration: a by product of meds? #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety

    Of recent, I’ve found reading long winded posts on social media, or short term EBooks unavoidable. In that it’s too difficult. It’s like my brain can’t digest what it’s reading. I’m assuming this is the result of my meds.

    I have to live with small post reading info, and even short term documentaries I have to accept that films are also too long for me to digest. If honest my concentration span is getting worse.

    I wanted to watch the royal with operah interview and I saw 30 minutes and that was me!!!

    It might be something I’ll bring up with psych


    I would love to receive book suggetions #EBooks

    I've been trying to read a whole book but it somehow didn't happen. I wanna start again. I love to read something related to chronic illness, doesn't matter if it is a selfhelp or fiction or whatever. Can you suggest me a good starter?

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    I picked up a book today to read. The first book was an old book that I bought in long time ago (perhaps when I was still in college). I tried reading the first few pages and found myself going back to some pages and read it again. I really did not understand what I have just read. I tried to pick up another book. A book that we were asked to read and write a book review when I was still taking post graduate studies in UP years back. It was interesting to read but I cannot comprehend. It feels like my brain is just picking up selected ideas in the book which are not connected with each other. Third, I opened my iPad and read some other e-books. I randomly picked one from my Mitch Albom collection. Again, I cannot focus on doing it. There’s an itch in my head that don’t have any idea what, something I cannot scratch, and it bothers me greatly.

    The loss of focus has been with me for quite a time. If there’s something I want to do, or thought of doing, I cannot relax until I have done it. But sometimes when I am already doing it, I have thought of something else and will do it instead, almost forgetting the first itch that I had.

    It troubles me because I cannot finish anything that I have started. It’s bothersome. It even translates to my job hunting. I am up and very much alive in looking for a job one time. I have started filling out application forms, reviewing/ editing my CV, and writing cover letter. Then all of a sudden, I have thought of something and checked it (sometimes, that something is less important). And I have given much time to unnecessary something than my job application. My adrenalins are up looking for a job. Confidence is high. But only to turn the tables when I found something else to do. And when I come back to the previous task, I have lost the energy and started to question myself again.

    Loosing focus is starting to become a habit (I am unsure though if this was an old habit that I had for quite a time already). It’s a domino effect. Loss of focus, to loss of energy, to questioning myself, to over thinking, anxiety attack, episodes, and sometimes, panic attacks. A cycle that I have been into for years. A cycle that I cannot close.


    A Human Being, Not a Human Doing

    I'm an avid bullet journal keeper to manage my anxiety/ocd/panic disorder and this year I made a list of 25 things to do before I turned 25 (in April). The hardest two things on my list were "drive again" and "find a job and stick to it". Which, seem like really normal adult things to do. The driving things is a whole other beast that I can tackle some other time, but the real issue right now is the JOB thing...you know, since peeps gotta eat...so let's start there.

    Well, COVID19 put me out of a job and into my apartment as of March 13th so the whole 25 before 25 thing is not going great, but there's a little more to it than that.

    The three years leading up to being laid off in March, I had worked 7 different jobs. I worked in a jewelry shop, then I worked for a fashion designer, then I worked at a restaurant. I ran my own business (two different kinds). Then I went unemployed for a few months. Then I took a 2 month gig as a phone operator (not a great gig for someone with phone anxiety) and two weeks before getting laid off, I worked for a restaurant again.

    Now that the world seems to be getting back on its feet (too soon, I think) my restaurant job is reaching out asking if I will be coming back on to my position. And you know what, I really really don't want to. But I promised myself this year I would find a job...and stick to it...and its really seeming to be a bar out of reach for me.

    I feel like a lot of my unfaithfulness to careers comes from two basic underlying issues:

    One: I am an artist and really any job that isn't writing or painting or drawing isn't keeping my interest for more than four months (obviously)

    and Two: I have a crippling amount of panic/anxiety that makes working in the service industry with people EXTREMELY hard because, well, how to put it...people can be selfish and demanding and really rude.

    My fiancé and I are trying to plan an elopement this fall and being out of work for 3 months has weakened our bank accounts to nearly nothing, so much so that even our mega budget elopement seems unattainable. So getting a job right now has more riding on it than ever.

    But I just can't seem to get over this feeling of dread, exhaustion, frustration regarding taking my job back. I feel like a dog being shoved into a crate.

    I've started looking at other jobs but I know that nothing is going to inspire that "stick to it" attitude.

    Her's the th, I've always known what I wanted to do...oddly enough. It's not an issue of not knowing. I've always known I want to BE a writer. But, let me assure you, that field is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to break into...I've tried for the last 10 years. With books being less popular, ebooks being so cheap, marketing costing so much and writers having to turn to Netflix or Disney in hopes of their story becoming something they could make a profit on...

    The issue is that what I want to BE never lines up with what I can actually DO to survive financially. And yet, the rent still is due... #Depression