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I’m new here, but not new to the feeling 💜

Hey everyone, just wanted to say hey, and see how everyone is doing..I know there are good days and bad, but It’s nice to know we can be here for each other and don’t have to listen to anyone say that they don’t know how to help. When all that is wanted is for someone to actually listen, be there, support, and comfort you.… I’m 24, my friends and family normally called me the CEO of goofiness, but as of 3 years ago, they (or what is left of them) call me the queen of chronic illness. Personally I liked the CEO of goofiness a lot better. But I miss that me, ya know? I try to be her.. but the new me always takes over. It’s a lot some days, and others I fight till there is literally nothing left.. when it all started I came up with a new hashtag and even created a Facebook page but I no longer use Facebook because it was a lot on my mental health. The New Normal I called it. Because that’s what this is, there is no… going back.. only forward.. sorry to talk your ears off.. I’ll let you get back to your day. Just know you’re cared for, you’re more than enough, don’t ever let it tell you otherwise… if you’re just entering The New Normal, or you’ve been here a while… thanks for coming.
#thenewnormal #chronicilness #ChronicPain #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #Endometriosis #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #notalone #ChronicMigraineSyndrome #ChronicFatigue #earlymenopause

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Another Fibro Day #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #Bipolar #bpd #DegenerativeDiscDisease #hashimototosthyroiditis #Neuropathy #earlymenopause

Just had to call in sick again due to this wonderful thing called Fibromyalgia. I work at an animal shelter and we honestly have too many dogs right now. The last few days there have been waaaay more than I can tolerate physically but managed to pull through. Literally walked over 20k steps yesterday and did 10 miles being pulled and yanked. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always loved what I do but the last year has shown me I cannot do the things I used to do. Robbed of my former self right before my eyes. I sit here ashamed I called in, upset I cannot afford it financially and just embarrassed I have to deal with this. I feel like everyone thinks I’m faking it. Sick of crying, I used to be such a happy hippy. I wish I didn’t have to deal with all this.