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    Neuro-ophthalmogist - which tests he can do for pain in the eyes, blurry vision, tunnel vision? Devics Disease maybe?

    I have problems with spine but I also have a symptoms of multiple sclerosis. It wasn’t confirmed because I don’t have lesions on my brain. Neurosurgeon told me I have strange looking spinal cord but non of doctors told me the details. I ware eyeglasses but in last 2 years my vision gets blurry, I had pain in my right eye, I have tunnel vision. I don’t have glaucoma. My neuro - ophthalmologist will admit me to hospital for several test. Does anyone have any suggestions, personal experience? #VisionLoss #eyehealth #MultipleSclerosis #ChronicPain #PinchedNerve #Disability #DevicsDisease


    Finally going to the eye doctor #eyehealth #Selflove #selfca

    I've been wrestling with my eyes for a while. I have been taking my glasses off to read or do computer work, and it's making my close-up vision worse. I also have an angle between my eyes, which was operated on when I was young, but I still have it (it's just not 45 degrees like it was when I was a kid - I saw out of one eye at a time, and I thought that was normal). So I can't just look out of the bottom of my bifocals (because nose). So do I need surgery again? Because the angle is getting worse again. Do I need 2 pairs of glasses, like distance vision and readers? What do I do about computer work? I've been putting this off for a while, but tomorrow I'm going to my ophthalmologist, gathering my courage, and laying it all out for her. And hopefully I'll leave with a plan for a solution. Good thoughts appreciated!