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Just joined

Hi everyone! I just discovered the social networking side of this site, and am excited to be a part of this! I am on the autism spectrum, have ADHD, and fairly recent vision loss due to retinal detachment in one eye. I'm excited to share and talk with others interested in disability advocacy/self advocacy and coping with decreased vision. #ADHD #ASD #VisionLoss #Anxiety #DisabilityAdvocacy


Causing FM severe Vision loss?

I have 10% vision back and the doctors can’t find a eyedisease.
My theory is my vision loss is caused by my fibromyalgia. But can FM causing so severe vision loss?
I mean the Fibromyalgia effects the central nervous system where vision is part of that system.
#Fibromyalgia #VisionLoss #vision


Share your experience with fibromyalgia and connect with people who support you.

Trust your body

Listen to your body when you feel that something is off. Don’t ignore how you feel. Trust your gut.

For the past few weeks I’ve been experiencing flashing lights in my right eye. I got an emergency appointment with my retina specialist today and he found an Operculated Retinal Hole. He did a laser procedure on it, along with some of my abnormal vasculature of my retina. It was so painful and I’m struggling with a lot of pain in my eye and head all around the area. It will take a few weeks to heal and hopefully seal the hole. Hopefully after the hole is sealed the flashing lights should subside. I have an appointment in two weeks to get re-scanned. I have to rest and take it easy now.

I was going to wait it out and ignore my symptoms because if everything looked “okay” I didn’t want to waste my doctors time. Ultimately, after my mom and my neurologist persuading me to go, I made an appointment and I’m so glad I did. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and in this case, I was experiencing vision symptoms of an emergency that could and probably would’ve turned much worse had I not gone to the doctor.

#trustyourbody #LegallyBlind #Blind #Blindness #blindnessisaspectrum #blindnessawareness #VisionLoss #VisuallyImpaired #vision #retina


New community for those with monocular vision

Hey everyone! If you or a loved one experiences #monocular #vision and you'd like a safe space to ask questions, reach out for support, and share some tips on how to cope with #VisionLoss , consider joining the #Community that is linked below!

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I need help physically, medically, and mentally. I live alone and have no family. I can not ask friends for any more help as they, too, are exhausted from decades of my issues (understandable 💯). Medicare and supplement do not have services to help me until I reach a worse level of illness (i.e. no help for a pre-diabetic, just help for a diabetic) or when I turn 65 in 11yrs. To deal w the stress of finding affordable and appropriate services while painful physical issues is nearly impossible even at my snails pace (18 months effort).
My view: life is a difficult, painful experience for all of us; I am grateful, celebrate, & every drop of joy and happiness that I grasp inbetween difficulties. Much to my chagrin, today i am failing; I don’t even wanna fight anymore.
I needed to vent. Thank you❤️. #InvisibleIllness #Fibromyalgia #VisionLoss #Migraine #Stroke #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis


Macular Degeneration at 31? #MacularDegeneration #VisualImpairment #VisionLoss #Blindness

In July 2020 I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. According to my Eye Doctor, my risk factors put me at risk of "vision loss" at 60% in the next 5 to 10 years.

That was a massive pill to swallow considering I was 30yo with 3 small kids and had never even heard of MD before. I did a ton of research and could not find any articles or medical journals related to MD in people younger than 50yo. Hence the name "Age Related Macular Degeneration"

After a 2nd opinion at a facility known for their state of the art technology, it was confirmed. And yet, I find myself wondering ... how can this be?

I go back and forth between believing it, and then freaking myself out if I feel like I'm noticing visual changes to Total denial and not noticing a damn thing.

Am I crazy? Am I just losing my shit? Am I really seeing visual changes and ignoring them? Or manifesting visual changes because I'm thinking about MD?

Is there anyone else around my age with this condition? I need to know I am not crazy or making this up.


Does anyone out there have severe fatigue and vision problems . After having COVID

Last October 2020 I had severe phneomia and COVID and was very close to death . The post COVID fatigue and headaches / vision problems are lingering on 8 months later. Doctors told me again today there is nothing they can do to help. My lungs are permenatly damaged , that I can deal with but the fatigue is dirupting my life and work .

Does anyone have any helpful tips on how to work thru this ? #Fatigue #COVID19 #VisionLoss