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July 4th Fireworks #

#fireworks The firework celebrations are an annoyance.
I go to bed at 10 pm and I lose sleep. My cat hides from the noise.


Fireworks trauma#hypersensitive hearing #Anxiety

Does anyone else have a huge hatred of fireworks do the large noise they have causing abunch of anxiety? #fireworks


My annual dislike of 4th of July fireworks

So it’s 12:25 and the neighbors across the street just started their firework display. They have been shooting them in the street and it’s so close to my window it’s frightening. I’ve never been a fan of fireworks. The “pop” sound sounds like a gun going off and when it’s close my nerves make me feel like I’m in the middle of a war zone. I’ve probably jumped at least 10 times in fright already.
I am like a dog in the way I react. So I have a blanket over me and white noise to help me stay calm. I have been like this for hours and honestly I’m just going to be having such a bad night sleep. If I was outside, I’d probably be running to “safety” with my ears covered. That’s what it feels like to me when fireworks go off.
I just wanted to share even though I probably share this each year. I feel it’s important for people to know that dogs and cats are not the only things frightened by the noise.

#fireworks #IndepedenceDay #Anxiety #PTSD #Depression #anxious #SensoryOverload #SensoryProcessingDisorder


#fireworks #FourthOfJuly #Anxiety

No I do not have PTSD, no do I not have past trauma but yes fireworks give me so much anxiety. The loud noise. The unexpectancy of when they are going to go off. The Fourth of July isn’t fun for me. Do I like seeing them yes, but I tend to hide. Not sure why. So here I am laying in my bed with black out shades on having a racing heart from the constant booms happening outside. Thankful for my cat who can sense the anxiety and is laying with me. Anyone else?

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#fireworks Wanted to share I thought we could all use some fireworks. Thought it was pretty!

#ChronicIllness # chronicpain
##physicallyexhausted #Fibromyalgia #migriane #neasau

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Sunset fireworks over Mackinaw City #sunset #fireworks

I love sunsets & fireworks. We traveled to northern Michigan & stayed in Gaylord. We visited Traverse City, Petoskey, Alpena, St. Ignace & Mackinaw City. All week I wanted to watch a sunset over the lake but hubby wanted to get back to Gaylord for dinner & the hotel. On our last night there we took a sunset & fireworks cruise from Mackinaw City. It was well worth the wait! The fireworks were the best bonus!

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