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    I don’t feel like I did enough this year

    Looking back at what I’ve accomplished in #Therapy this year, I feel like it’s not been enough. I know it’s not been my fault , and part of why I feel this way is because I was #flooded with #Memories in the last month so of course it’s going to feel that way.

    Can anyone relate? #PTSD #PanicAttacks #MajorDepression

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    Recent attempts to incorporate mindfulness are overwhelming and flooding me

    I have been keeping myself awake until 2am- ish all week. I've been on my phone a lot, which I know is not great at bed time.
    Tonight I started feeling anxiety rising and all I wanted to do was watch Netflix for the next couple hours to shut down my thoughts. Instead, I chose to download a sleep meditation podcast and try that.
    Good, healthy choice, right?
    Now I'm in tears and feeling more anxious than ever.
    I recently joined an online therapy group through public health and they start each session with a mindfulness/grounding exercise. The same thing has been happening with those. As I try to open myself up to trying it, I get flooded with sensations and break down in tears and anxiety.
    Has anyone else experienced this? What am I supposed to do?
    #Upallnight #Anxiety #Depression #Trauma #Mindfulness #flooded


    what to do when you have a #BadDay ??

    I found out something 3 years ago on the last day of my school term and since then every last day of term has been a bad day because my school has a tradition for the last day of term so I get reminded of what happened that day every year and now I dread the last day of term because all these unwanted thoughts just flood my head and they make me want to isolate myself from everyone and just cry and I really don't know what to do but everyone I know can tell that something is wrong but I don't want to tell them and have them judge me because of something from so long ago. #Isolation #flooded