Hello my Mighty Family. My family can't even call me back when I am in tears because I've been so ill. Knowing they
may not want me around. Sad but true. So I come here because you've been through something. So most of you all understand suffering. As well as the stigmas that come from diseases and illnesses that are invisable. Mental illnesses are even worse. My family treats me poorly. My middle sons wife is kind to me.So I have Tachycardia and have had it for along time. On top of that I have a family history of 4 people having a Heart attacks and strokes at some younger then me. So having so many health issues and being housebound other then doctors visits when I can .Maybe get a few items from the store if I can. Rarely. Flowers I do but 1 time a week.They cheer me up. So I am 57 in a month about.Been very ill along time. So over a month ago I went to the ER. Did not help. Fatty liver after 9 hours. Fast pulse EKG. Had a terrible bout of being very sick. Migraines, Adrenal glands. Stomach , Migraines,swelling in ankles. blurry vision infections.and more. Got à bunch of tests my doctor's ordered AbdomonialUltrasound today. MRI of brain. Wear a heart monitor for a month starting the 4th. My blood work said my WBC, RBC,Hemaglobin all were High. Scared me bad. Alot more going on you get the idea. I need my best friend Cuddles ,My best friend/caregiver who works nites in town..Always blessings around me. So grateful for the good stuff.
So My Mighty Family ❤️ I am in need of your input of your wisdom,experiences and your caring support. Which I call friendship and love. You have already made a difference in just few months. Thank you so much for reading this. For giving me❤️ hearts. For everytime you comment or share yourself to me or others.. Last 2 nites fallen asleep suddenly like in kitchen chair.Sitting in strange position not having time to put my face mask on for sleep. Wondering should I be concerned? I truly appreciate each one of you. 💗🙏🌞🐈

# Adrenal insuffiency
#ForGettingTheRest .haha