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    Tonight I am praying for all of you who want to be seen, heard, and loved. That you may be healed and find strength to persevere always ♥️ #PTSD #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #Depression #SuicideLossSurvivor #Survivor

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    My partner died by suicide 12/5/21- leaving behind our 4 month old son and I to figure out this world together. He never reached out or shared any signs. No one told me about his prior mental health issues including concerns over his suicidality. We spoke and checked in with each other every day. Every dang day. But he said he was tired and I believed him because I was too. We were new parents. I guess my point is that I’m just so mad still. I’m a school counselor fully competent in mental health. I deal wit. Suicidal students regularly and lost a few good friends in life. I don’t get how he could do this. It’s a battle between my head and heart. My heart is so angry with him and my head knows he lost control and that this was a side effect of a brain disease- it wasn’t him being rational. The anger saves me from the deep hole of hopelessness- but I can’t live in this feeling for ever. Will my anger ever go away? I can’t help but just hate him for what he did- regardless of it being him or not- I can’t prove that he didn’t just dip out cuz shit got hard- and I guess- it wouldn’t be that outta question for him to quit something he couldn’t handle- so I feel like I’m letting him be praised and all this stuff for a cruel act. Sorry for the rambling. #StagesOfGrief #SuicideLossSurvivor

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    Why we don’t say “committed suicide” and what you can say instead.

    It’s no secret there’s a lot of stigma and “hush hush” when it comes to talking about suicide.

    One of the ways we can combat that stigma and open up the conversation so more people can get the help they need when they are feeling suicidal is to make sure the language we’re using around it isn’t inherently stigmatizing.

    This video by The Mighty explains why the phrase “committed suicide” is language we need to update.

    Watch it here:

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    Lost brother

    Last week I lost my brother to suicide. He made his first attempt a little over 3 weeks ago. In the 3 weeks following he attempted 2 more times before his final attempt, which took his life. Me and my family did what we thought we could do. We supported him emotionally, financially, and offered resources. He was heartbroken and lost. He lacked any sort of self love. As his sister he confided in me during those 3 weeks. He told me his deepest darkest secrets and told me how he thought he was a terrible person. It was so hard on me at the time. I tried my hardest to reinforce positive thoughts and told him how much I loved him along with others. It was not enough. Last week he took his own life. This is the hardest thing myself and my family has to endure. I know that he was hurting beyond my own comprehension but it doesn’t take my own hurt away. If anyone has gone through a loss like this I would greatly appreciate a kind word or advice during this time. Thank you. #NationalSuicidePreventionWeek #OurSideOfSuicide #SuicideLossSurvivor

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    Lost a friend to suicide

    I just lost my high school best friend to suicide. She was abused by her father since she was a little girl. When I was 17 I tried her to leave home and come live with my family. They broke her so much that she just had to get away of so much pain… I guess. She had some symptoms of schizophrenia. It hurts so much and I know I could have done more to help. One week has passed and I think I should be better now, doing my normal life but I just can’t. As a bipolar type 2 I’ve dealt with suicide ideation at some point, and I can imagine the darkness she must of felt. #Suicide #SuicideLossSurvivor

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    Hi, I’m new

    Hello, I’m Angela and new to the group. Just wanted to share my story. Five years and four months ago, my 26 year old first born son took his life. That changed my life drastically. It changed who I am. I now suffer from complex trauma, anxiety, ptsd, depression and many other things I can’t even describe. I feel very alone a good portion of time even though I like being alone. Mostly, I am here to learn. I want to learn coping skills, etc. I also love to help others if I’m able.
    #PTSD #Anxiety #complextrauma #Depression #Suicude #lossofchild #BereavedMothers #mothersofchildrenlosttosuicide
    #SuicideSurvivor #SuicideLoss #SuicideLossSurvivor

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    Suicide loss survivor-miss my mom!

    #SuicideLossSurvivor Hi everyone! I’m so glad I found this group and hope I can help one person fight another day or help a survivor know you can get through this. A little bit about my story, I grew up with my amazing mother. Unfortunately she ended her life (this was about 12th attempt throughout the years) when I was only 15 years old and I found her 5 days later hanging in our basement. My life was shattered. Clearly there is so much more to the story but here I am 20 years later and I have came to terms with her decision. Trust me lots of self care, therapy, grief groups, finally getting sober (8 years now) and more. Please feel free to ask me anything. Thanks for reading everyone (PS the picture I included is 1 of the 3 I have of her, one is her and the other one is my mom and me when I was little !!! #suicide #suicidesurvivor #greif #mentalhealth #suicideloss #aftersuicideloss #depression #whatifs #guilt #missmymom #suicidesquad #suicidesucks


    Alone in the suffering. #SuicideLossSurvivor #abusesurvivor #CPTSD

    My ex husband of about 11 years stole my little brother’s ashes from my home after he found out I had a boyfriend. Court has been a nightmare and the system has totally let me down. Yesterday was court and I was struggling with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks from Friday leading up. My mother and father were/are emotionally and verbally abusive at times. My boyfriend is great, but per usual, I have been pretty alone. I called my mom begging her to come to my house to sit with my kids and her answer was “maybe tomorrow” I could just bring them to her. Mind you I only recently rekindled with her after not speaking for a month or so (happens quite frequently). My boyfriend couldn’t handle seeing me cry and panic and said tons of hurtful things. In the end I was and am alone. I have barely any support. None in person. I feel unloved, unworthy, and like no one gives a fuck that my baby brother and his death, his remains, were used to hurt me in the most sickening way possible. Being this sad and alone, openly abused and left to face it all solo, really reminds me how I ended up with an abusive narcissist to begin with and how he was able to keep me from leaving. I feel like an orphan. I have for a long time.