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My bro's therapsit took it upon himself to help get my brother another therapist that can see him more than 1 time a month. I'm guessing he heard my voicemail i left to his pschatrist that my brother wants more 1 on 1 therapy and wanting that help. This other program was going to call a list of referrals for him to see when therapists were available but they never got back to my bro. So thank god his own therapist was willing to take the extra responsibility to help my bro find a therapist. My bro also had an appt with his pschatrist around the middle of this month. My bro mentioned to me last night that he thinks his current meds are making him feel weird so hopefully we can find some medication that can make him feel better. I'm trying to look on the bright side that he's going to be getting more therapy. My parents and I are very worried because he started gambling again last month and this month online and he lost thousands of dollars he had saved up. He only works part time and he's trying to do school. He knows he can't walk away when he wins. I tried to tell him today that maybe he can ask his bank to just decline transactions in the future that go towards the gambling website he uses but he says he doesn't want to do that and he wants to be able to at least gamble about $200 once in a while. His therapist even told him he needs to just do $200 and stick with it. But now he's down to just $1000 when he had around $10,000. It's very worrying because i'm 4 years younger and have more than him. Online it says OCD and obsessive gambling can go hand in hand and i can see that's what he has. He told me today it's hard when he's down about life cause then he really doesn't care which i already figured but it doesn't help. I wanna suggest maybe join a gamble support group but idk cause he still wants to gamble...
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How can I help someone with a gambling addiction?

My cousin, who is well off does't think he has a gambling addiction just because he can afford it. But it is ALL he does ALL day on a gambling site. Its ALL he talks about. He was never like this. He was always on the go. His neighbors even called him zip zip because he was in and out all day doing something or other. Weather visiting someone or errands. Now he stays home. He neglects doing most things that need to be done arpund his house. He was a very clean person. He admitted to the problem finally yesterday and said he wpuld get help. But today hes back to where he was and is in denial. He mocked me when I asked about weather he looked into mental health services. I have a feeling he admitted it so thag he didnt have to talk anymore. When I ttalked to him about it he said I was trying to change who he was. Meaning a guy who likes to gamble. I told him hes not his addiction. It really hurt to hear that. I told him that gambling has changed him. He even tries to change the subject and say Im addicted to books in a joking manner. I need help helping him.

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how do you convince a relatives to seek a counselor/psychotherapist help?

I have a brother, he got into drugs few years back and gambling issues. it's really bothering me everyday that he continues to deteriorating his body and mind. constant negative thoughts, eating unhealthy (lots of sugary drinks) plus his unemployed. he keep stealing money from almost everyone in the household until this morning. always blaming everyone else for what's going on with his life. especially my father. each time we try offering help if he need to talk about anything still he keep saying no. psychotherapy or counseling are nonsense to him, his usually said I am not crazy so I don't need their advice. mental health issue is still really taboo in my community so it's really hard for any of us to convince him that it's ok to seek help.

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