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    We are in need of a new co-leader for our group. Please see info below. We need someone to encourage, empower, support & be there for other members!

    We are currently looking for a new Co-Leader for the Multiple Health Challenges group. We have grown quite a bit and just passed 1,500 members. In the past co-leaders have been golden, really helpful for me when I got sick or burnt out and had to step away for a few days. I am looking for someone to welcome new members, comment or respond to most posts or other comments, make new posts to the group every once and a while, and preferably someone who has physical and emotional health challenges so they can best relate to and understand where other members are coming from when they post or comment.

    It is important for the group to have two distinctly different voices to support people because people might relate more to one of us. What is a really good situation is if we both respond to the same posts, welcome new members from different perspectives and provide voices for people that are accessible and relatable. There is a commitment needed that you monitor activities on the group regularly and can respond pretty quickly.

    Offering your own posts provides more content for the group…and when posts pose a question they keep things moving forward. I can assist and support by offering to look at your new posts for feedback and editing before you post if you would like it, comment on your posts to get the responses going to best support your efforts, help finding memes or images, and support you if we are dealing with someone struggling …. Like sounding suicidal or being manic…and I will check in to make sure you are happy and comfortable!

    I look at potential leaders' history of posts and/or comments that have helped and supported others in the past. Willingness to be honest and open about your own health challenges is crucial to best support people. A co-leader works together with me for some new posts and drafting new questions and is concerned about the well being of all members and can empathize with their paths.

    You will get access to the Community Leaders group and your name will have a “Group Leader” tab next to it up top on your comments and responses so I think people pay attention especially to your activity and wisdom shared from personal experience. Would you consider joining me on this journey? Let’s have a DM chat to discuss this! Thanks for considering taking on this role!

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    Livening up the place.

    I've been learning about plants and how to develop a green thumb with my mother's help (even at 41 I'm still a proud mother's boy) of course. Living on my own I find it very peaceful having several plants around my place and now I added one outside that'll last all year round. It brings me peace and solace. It's joyful to look at and gives me something else to be responsible for. When I moved back out of my mother's again several people in my life closest to me worried about me living on my own due to my mental health and my drug/alcohol recovery which can be rocky at times. This is just one of the many things that helps me and puts a smile on my face.
    #GreenThumb #Planting #Plants #MentalHealth #MentalIllness #Bipolar #BipolarDisorder #Mania #Depression #ADHD #Anxiety #OCD #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Recovery #DrugRecovery #AlcoholRecovery #drugaddict #alcoholic

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    Keep myself busy.

    I've learned over time how important hobbies are to me. Even after learning that I then had to learn how to work on one thing at a time. I'm not perfect at it but I try. I recently made this "Steal Your Face" with my 3D pen. Classic Grateful Dead artwork. I did it in 2 days which for me is quite an accomplishment. It's not the level of skill but rather that I put all my focus into accomplishing one thing at a time. Keep your eye on the prize.
    #AdultADHD #ADHD #Bipolar #Anxiety #Manic #depressive #Mania #Depression #Recovery #drugaddict #alcoholic #focus



    Hit another breaking point. Need support/help/advice. I have borderline personality disorder and addiction issues which have been consuming my life. I have lost almost everything and everyone. I've slipped into a very harmful way of life yet again. Using to deal with my issues, which have in turn become worse. I don't know what to do anymore. Most therapists will not see me and the few that will I cannot afford. I'm at a point where I fear myself and have become very self destructive. My suicidal thoughts and urges have been very prevalent. I now have pending charges and life has become unbearable. My significant other left me, I'm losing my apartment, and no longer have a vehicle or license. I feel very overwhelmed and have let life pile up so to speak. My job is on the line which is no surprise, I typically go through them often. I feel very alone and insignificant. Even typing this I feel like I will be viewed as a burden, an annoyance. Is there anything I can do to help myself? I am tired of feeling this way and going through the same cycles. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #drugaddict #alcoholic

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    The first day of the rest of my life..? #drugaddict

    So this is a whole new mf’ing concept in my world. I’m of course referring to my posting on an NA online meeting site, as well as to never in the last 4+ years having the balls to want to get clean but now is the only thing I’ve been throwing my energy towards. Hoping wholeheartedly that it’s actually the right decision and I’m not just gonna end up back in my neck of the woods, which is states away too; doing the same dumb shit with the same mf’ers who have no desire in anyway to be better than the person they were the day before.... I hope that my post doesn’t end up finding its way to cripple me and my new found Florida self esteem. I so badly want to heal. To rewire myself, to the best of my abilities anyhow. But being a disappointment and failure has come to be the social norm of my family. .. so there’s always that too...+ My dog now thinks I must have deserted him...
    #AddictionRecovery #FirstDayOut #MethedUp


    how do you convince a relatives to seek a counselor/psychotherapist help?

    I have a brother, he got into drugs few years back and gambling issues. it's really bothering me everyday that he continues to deteriorating his body and mind. constant negative thoughts, eating unhealthy (lots of sugary drinks) plus his unemployed. he keep stealing money from almost everyone in the household until this morning. always blaming everyone else for what's going on with his life. especially my father. each time we try offering help if he need to talk about anything still he keep saying no. psychotherapy or counseling are nonsense to him, his usually said I am not crazy so I don't need their advice. mental health issue is still really taboo in my community so it's really hard for any of us to convince him that it's ok to seek help.

    #Family #FamilyMember #drugaddict #GamblingDisorder #Addiction #Gambling


    BPD and Drug Addict

    I’ve been diagnosed with BPD for almost 20years and drugs seemed to be my only escape... so I thought, I’ve been clean for 2 and a half months, started antabooze, which has changed my life. So if there are any of you struggling with BPD and drug or alcohol abuse... let’s chat and help each other... ;) #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder ##drugaddict

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