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I don't get what I do min. Me and my mother in law are chatting and laughing then BAM next thing I know she's pissed off and rude ...not sure if at me or something else...I'm so confused ugh!! #Whiplash #confusing #FamilyMember #frustration


Asked to leave #FamilyMember #Depression

So my mom asked me to leave for the weekend so her sister who treats me badly doesn't feel uncomfortable...I don't get it ...I just wish all the pain would go away ...I'm tired of doing for others and changing for others ....


Save me !! #Anxiety #FamilyMember

My mom didn't tell me that her sister (who treats me like crap) is coming into town and staying with us for the week ...I don't know how I'll survive this ...i hate last min news she knows this !!! What do I do !!!


Does anyone else really struggle with family not understanding your depression or anxiety etc? #Family #FamilyMember #FamilyAndFriends

My Mom never seems to understand my depression or even try to, she’ll say things like ‘just don’t think about it’, ‘you’re not helping yourself’ ‘you need to stop thinking about it’ etc. I mean if I could stop thinking about the things that torment me I would. Anyone would! I’ve tried to explain to her and I can see that she really doesn’t understand but the thing that hurts the most is that she doesn’t seem to try to understand either. I’m 33 now and have been struggling with depression since I was at school, so surely by now there should be some understanding of what helps and what doesn’t. At least some compassion? I don’t expect her to make me feel better, don’t get me wrong! It’s just I’d love it if she didn’t make me feel worse…
Been really struggling the last week being in isolation because of covid and having been messed about by a guy that I really seemed to click with who made it seem he wanted a relationship just to disappear then come back saying he’d been ‘really stupid’ and then to do it again three days later, he was arranging to see me for coffee so we could ‘spend some time together before Christmas’ two hours before saying it wasn’t working for him. That was on the 23rd. I guess I shouldn’t be so naive.
I’ve also not been able to see friends and family over Christmas and it just got too much. So I was finally feeling a bit better today and came out to see everyone and she was really grumpy with me and said ‘you just don’t help yourself do you, you can’t just lie in bed all day, you need to see someone, you’ve only had covid like everyone else’ - it wasn’t the covid that was making me feel so bad it was my depression and anxiety…I was going over every tiny detail of interaction with the guy that messed me about because I felt like it was my fault and I was beating myself up. I was finally winning and thinking it wasn’t my fault and feeling better and then Mom being like that with me just made me feel horrendous all over again. I’m exhausted honestly. #Dating #Parents #COVID19

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Just so tired of this nonsense #FamilyMember #Holiday

I’m just so tired of this nonsense with my mom regarding the holidays upcoming. I don’t have a great relationship with her and holidays exacerbate already the tension and stress I feel with her. She expects me to be there this year, whether it’s at my sister’s or her condo, but I really feel it’s in my best interest mentally and otherwise to stay away this year. I live on my own. I find it really hard however to say no to her, especially if it involves family. Family’s everything to her. She’s also retired and pushy and used to getting her own way, no matter who or what stands in her way, no matter the consequences. She also wants to clean my apartment, never mind I live there and would have issue with that big-time. Will be contacting my mental health worker in the morning to help me sort all this out ASAP. December’s hard enough already without mom intervening.


Feeling overwhelmed with family manipulation #anxious #FamilyMember

I’ve been staying with my sister temporarily while I’m in between places. There has been a history of her being manipulative and I hadn’t realized until recently that this behavior has been reoccurring. She has 2 kids so while staying here, I’ve been a nanny, taking care of the kids (school, sports practice, etc.) and her cleaning lady (daily tidying, laundry, etc.). She asked for money in lieu of me staying there and I was a little taken aback. I don’t have my own room, I’ve been sleeping on a couch in the basement. I’ve been helping out in more ways than one and spent hundreds of dollars in groceries, etc since I’ve been there. I felt guilty because she is family and helping me out, but she’s also married and it’s frustrating that she expects so much from me and doesn’t expect the same from her husband. I did send her some funds but feel really awkward about it. Any suggestions for how to talk with her or move forward with this relationship?

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my grandma is dying and I’m 1500 miles away

My family received news late last week that my grandma has lung cancer. She’s too frail to go through a biopsy to determine which stage she is in but they have done multiple scans and non-invasive tests. She has many other underlying conditions as well. She’s been frail for the last few years. This past Tuesday, she was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night with low oxygen level and hallucinations. They were able to bring up her oxygen and get to the root of the hallucinations, but what we got something from the hospital doctors we hadn’t gotten from her physician before: a timeline.

My grandma and I have always had a very close relationship. I was her first grandchild. She and I have similar personalities. When I got older, I would take her shopping, call to “gab” with her, and take her to the gym as workout buddies. Last year, I relocated far from my home state for a new job opportunity, and I feel helpless.

She has gotten a bit better while she’s been the hospital. She will soon be discharged back to the assisted living facility she lives in and will be having hospice services attend to her until the end, which they are estimating could be within the next 6 months. My mom has been helping sort all of this out on the ground but is managing this all alone.

I have felt conflicted, distracted, and a little scatterbrained all week as I was worried about whether I’d need to book a ticket to visit or say goodbye. I’ve been spontaneously bursting in to tears all week. I typically hold these types of feelings in and try to be strong for those around me, but I am taking this very hard. Can you help distract me? I like baby animals, kids laughing or telling bad jokes :), dad jokes, funny tiktoks, whatever. I’d appreciate any distraction and joy you can bring to my distracted days and (sometimes) sleepless nights.

Thank you!
#Cancer #FamilyMember #dying #Death

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Losing Family

The little cottage above has been my home for the last night days and I’m finally out of quarantine tomorrow. I got word in Canada (I’m British by birth) that my mother had taken ill with respiratory disease and is in ICU and unstable, so I’ve had to journey to England in the pandemic either to see her while I can or help out as needed. In the meantime my uncle (my mum’s brother) has passed away suddenly after a very brief illness. My mum doesn’t know yet, and so it’s going to be my solemn duty to tell her on Monday. My apologies if I’m writing this in a somewhat robotic fashion but I can’t really think straight or feel properly from all the sudden shock.

I am well enough - considering I have bipolar disorder and BPD - but it’s been a lonely experience and so I ask for your prayers and wishes for my mum.

If anybody is willing to chat, I could use some company. Thank you for listening and bless you all

#FamilyMember #BipolarDepression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder


EDS? #FamilyMember

My mom is getting tested in April for EDS. This diagnosis could be the answer to all her problems, her constant neck pain, her digestive issues, her joints and ligaments being easily injured. I’m so excited she may find answered. Is there anything I might be able to do to help her through the process or before she gets dignidad to help ease her symptoms?

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#FamilyMember My mother doesn't understand, or doesn't want to understand the CFS. She is cause of my relapse.

What do I do with my mother? She is the cause of my relapse as she plays with me psychological games, as it's only been 2 yrs since my father as died. Her husband. Dad and I had a much better relationship than dad and her. She has no idea what she's doing. She is so self absorbed and I'm not sure whether to say anything as that would hurt her. I am always thinking of others. It came with the profession of registered nurse. A job that a miss dearly