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The Gastric Sleeve Struggle: Will I ever eat normal again? #gastricsleeve #Depression

I am Helena and I made the leap and finally went through the gastric sleeve surgery on July 6th 2022. I am now ending the two weeks of liquid diet and going to puréed foods.

The mental struggle is getting to me already. I am watching people eat online cause I can’t and here I am wondering. Will I be able to have sushi again? Some pasta? A burger?

I know I did this to lose weight finally and to keep it off but I don’t wanna forsake those foods permanently. I’m just mentally hungry a lot. I’m dying for some nuggets and pisses me off how ecstatic my mother is about it. Saying it will “change my life”.

I don’t see it. I just see the scars on my stomach and to me they are the ugliest thing. And the hunger is just…I just want some help. The hope that I won’t have to count every single thing I eat forever. I don’t want this to be my life for good.

Does anyone else have this?

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I saw the gastrointestinal specialist today. It wasn't good news. I have some liver damage, a Hiatal hernia, and an inflamed spleen.

They want to do surgery soon remove a small part of the liver, fix the hernia, and do a gastric sleeve.

She put the referral into the surgeon who specializes in this and does the surgery with a robot.

I'm not so much scared of having surgery, I've had them before... it's having them alone. Having no one waiting for me. No one to comfort me. 😪

#Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease


Hydration Nation

I’ve been preparing for #gastricsleeve surgery for the last 6 months. One requirement for the diet trial is to drink 64 ounces of water a day. I purchased a bottle in Amazon that serves me well. Markings for every eight ounces are words of encouragement. I’ve lost about 40 pounds. I’m pretty sure it left through the waterway! Try it!


Where do I find the first three weeks of#52SmallThings I'm late to the party!

I want to use these prompts to begin my blog journey as I #loseweight from a #gastricsleeve procedure I'm having Monday.