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Hiatal Hernia #hernia #HiatalHernia #illness

Anyone here able to help me regarding my hiatal hernia diagnosis. What steps should I take? Best medications? Is surgery helpful? #HiatalHerniaRepair #hiatushernia

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I saw the gastrointestinal specialist today. It wasn't good news. I have some liver damage, a Hiatal hernia, and an inflamed spleen.

They want to do surgery soon remove a small part of the liver, fix the hernia, and do a gastric sleeve.

She put the referral into the surgeon who specializes in this and does the surgery with a robot.

I'm not so much scared of having surgery, I've had them before... it's having them alone. Having no one waiting for me. No one to comfort me. 😪

#Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

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Hernia Surgical mesh *ADVICE AND HELP needed ❤ , #hernia #HiatalHerniaRepair

Surgical mesh *ADVICE AND HELP needed ❤ , I am am in constant pain and I am not sure if my pain is normal for this type of surgery..... I had an Emergency surgery repair of a strangulated umbilical hernia with retraction of necrotic intestine. Using surgical mesh. The size of the mesh used to repair the hernia was l15cm wide and 25cm in length. The date was in 2015 and I was 27 years old.
Since the operation my quality of life is very difficult due to the pain. Every day I have pain due to the mesh pulling. I have been trying to find out more about this surgical procedure.... But in South Africa it is very rarely done especially for my age and the size of the mesh used. Please help ✝

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My mother... #MightyMoms

The woman has some type of random cancer every two years, yet she's decided to chuck it all for a motor home and a couple of squirrelly cats.
She sent me this early this morning as a teaser, since I'm living in snow country. 🤣
Enjoy the view.

#Cancer #BreastCancer #Melanoma #HiatalHerniaRepair #Depression and I don't know what else anymore... 😂