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    A letter to my #Gooddays (#Depression #DepressiveDisorders)

    I remember when i had you. I was more productive. I was happy. You were there for me to help me do more and understand that i can do so much more than i thought i could that day. Organized and driven, you produced results and made me proud to be sharing the moment with you. Although i know we cant spend every day together, i still fantasized about spending the rest of my life with you. Thats what makes days like today so hard, i think.

    Today you arent here and i didnt see you yesterday either. My life feels so much worse without your strength and kind touch to my soul, so unlike my #Baddays . They weigh so heavy and are so unkind to every part if me. They make me feel stretched thin, useless, and like im drowning. They tell me so many horrible things about everyone and everything that its overwhelming.

    Thats why im thankful for you, #Gooddays . Somehow you've made a small bit of yourself known and present even on my bad day. The clothes i needed for today that i had forgot we had folded and organized just for today were waiting just for me right as my #BadDay told me to be anxious about simply a shower. Its like somehow you knew youd be gone a while abd i would need something, anything, a life raft, to get me through the day, the moment, a minute.

    Thank you #GoodDay . Im so glad to have seen you today. Can't wait to see you again.

    #Anxiety #GoodthingIhaveanappointmenttoday #Therapy #Counseling #dontbeafraidtoaskforhelp #dontbeafraidtotalk #MentalHealth #PositiveVibes #vibecheck #thingswillgetbetter


    One of the Things No One Tells You About #Anxiety

    Today is a bad anxiety day. I took something to calm me down and am at least not crying at simple courtesies.
    Even good conversations can be exhausting on a bad day. I just chatted with someone about a mutually loved topic. It was a fun chat. Even so, I had to force myself to pay attention and not walk away in the middle.
    Now I’m ready to hide from the world for the rest of the day. #AnxietyDisorders #anxietyatwork #Mentalexhaustion #GoodthingIhaveanappointmenttoday