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I'm done

After being diagnosed with BPD in Nov-Dec I have been trying to get help it's like I don't deserve it I'm housebound cos of the anxiety hubby is in and out of hospital due to other conditions I can't see him anxiety trigger the mental health system up here is great NOT when I get into the system it's only for a month meds aren't working causing major problems I'm done yes I've tried hospitals# anxiety #BPD #Hadenough #imdone


Where to begin

Where do i begin .last week i said id have my neice for a few days and i was soo excited got all her fave foods. Got her some new toys and my other neices birthday was today so we were going to go to the party . Then fri my brother phoned and was like why dnt i keep her for an extra day to give u a rest and i can spend time with her. He said ill bring her down early on sat morn. I txt my mum to say wot time is party as i had brooke but she had no clue and had other arrangements about my niece. Itxt my bro and said about the situation but he didnt read. So
Today i woke up with chronic pain in my back. All over my body as i have nerve damage. Then i then txt my bro again and phoned him even thou he was on line. I later then txt his fecking gfriend and she disnt txt bk even tho she was online so id had enough and said dnt bother bringing my niece down. My bro then answered which i told him he quick enough if he wants money or a favour. My anxiety and bipolar have been out of the roof today regarding this cos now i feel sick about the baby missing out #Anxiety #CheckInWithMe #Hadenough



I am so sick and tired of being ill all the time! Depression, anxiety and ptsd have left me with no immune system! I can't deal with all the colds and infections etc anymore!
#ill #Sickness #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #Hadenough #SexualAssaultSurvivors


I am nobody’s emotional maid #Selfrespect #boundaries #Hadenough

I’ve come to a point in my life where if people choose to hurt or leave me, I either change their significance to me or let them go. The relationship/friendship is never the same. Why would I try to return to them when they smashed it so much that I can’t put the pieces back to see what we had? It’s not worth my time. They didn’t respect it or were wise enough to just leave it as it was...nobody destroys things if they truly value it. I can’t make someone understand the damage they did when they didn’t care to think about the damage before they broke everything. And the worst part is that they had no reverence for the memories and emotions that were developed to at least preserve what was created between us as a memory. So I leave them there to gather up the broken pieces which they reduced it to because it’s their mess they created. I am not a maid for people’s screw ups and stupidity. If they are stupid enough to go through the insanity of putting the millions of pieces back together then I will let them go crazy.