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Hello :)

I’m new to this app, I’m hoping to meet people who have similar illnesses and struggles, it’s hard finding anyone who can really understand what it’s like. Adding all my hashtags hoping that I’ll meet people going through the same things I am!if anyone wants to chat shoot me a message :) #ChronicIlless #Gastroparesis #PulmonaryArterialHypertension #PulmonaryHypertension #HeartTransplant #LungTransplant #heartfailure #MastCellActivationDisorder #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #HickmanLine #FeedingTube #Gtube #PrimaryImmunodeficiency

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Hickman line removal #HickmanLine #ChronicIllness #Anxiety

Hey! Long time no post....or being active on here. I’m getting my Hickman line removed in two days and I’m feeling pretty nervous about it. I’ve had two picc lines and those removals have been pretty easy, is the Hickman the same? I know I’ll be getting lidocaine and shouldn’t feel anything but it still sorta freaks me out. Especially going into the hospital being chronically ill with COVD-19. Any help or suggestions? #ChronicIllness #centralline #HickmanLine


Tips on a hickman line #ChronicIllness

I’m getting my first hickman next week, I’ve had two picc lines before for TPN but my doctor had to pull my second line yesterday. During its original placement it was put to far deep into my chest so it had to be pulled twice, a total of 5 1/2 centimeters. After all that the insertion site was bigger than the line so it couldn’t heal properly. We’ve attempted to place a hickman before but I had a panic attack so this time they’ll put me fully asleep but I’m still really scared. #ChronicIllness #HickmanLine #PiccLine #SuperiorMesentericArterySyndrome #TPN