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Back to Office Challenges

Yesterday I started back to the office for the first time in person since March 2020. This is a summary of how it went.


Got my daughter off to school

Forgot to pack my own lunch

Intrusive thoughts and compulsions

First in person meeting since March 2020

First 30 minutes were okay, a bit of a novelty

Had a desire to run away numerous times

Moved between fear, anger and it is what it is minute by minute

Felt like I was shaking and overwhelmed most of the day

Kept a smile on my face

Made an appointment with my family doctor


Hard to get up

Can’t concentrate

Feel completely overwhelmed

Not sure of the path forward

Intrusive thoughts are swirling

Aggravation level is low

Arms are sore


#Livingwithmentalillness #Invisable #OCD #BPD #HighsAndLows

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#CheckInWithMe #HighsAndLows

My highs for the week: Getting discharged from the psych ward, getting my haircut, getting my eyebrows waxed, seeing my God Daughter, going hiking to a waterfall, taking awesome pictures.

My lows for the week: Moved into a residential program, didn’t sleep well, parents bickering, stressful financial stuff, Residental staff getting lost trying to pick me up from my friends


Anyone else not know themselves since their #Bipolar diagnosis?

I am newly #Bipolar2 . I’m finding myself questioning my #goodmood on a daily basis. Is it real? Or is it #Hypomania ? How long will it last? Do I savor it or #medicate it? What’s the next #mood gonna be? I used to be so in tune with my moods back when I only had #Depression . Now? I just don’t know. #BipolarDisorder #MentalHealth #hypomanic #moodswings #EmotionalRollercoaster #HighsAndLows