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    A free gift for you! :)

    Some exciting news! This week I will be uploading the 100th episode of my podcast!

    In honor of my 100th episode, I have a limited time gift for you!

    These pages will help you to find reasons to smile as you go about your day.

    Go to this link to sign up and your pages will come straight to your email. Enjoy!

    #MentalHealth #freegift #smilingiscontagious #smilemore #smile #Happiness #happy #goodmood #GoodVibes #stopandsmelltheroses #MentalHealthAwareness #emotionalWellbeing

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    Today was a pretty good day. Now tired. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression

    Today was a good day. Now me is tired. lol this worker gave me some goodies. So nice. She is my favorited one. Always have fun, #goodmood


    Hey, Beautiful. #goodmood #youre beautiful #be happy

    Sometimes a random compliment is all that's needed to make my day. If anyone else has days like that, this is for you.
    Male, female, other, gay, bi, straight, and everything in-between:
    You're stunning.
    You're more than a face.
    You're amazing.
    You're worth it.
    You're wonderful.
    You're more than an illness.
    You're marvelous.
    You're kind
    You're remarkable.
    You're you.
    You're beautiful.
    You're a warrior.
    You're unique.
    You're memorable.
    You're loved.
    You're fabulous.
    You're important.
    You're stronger than you think.


    tulips fr me

    Nothing green or blooming here yet, but I got paid yesterday and bought a bunch of tulips for myself today, to welcome spring. #goodmood #sunshine


    Anyone else not know themselves since their #Bipolar diagnosis?

    I am newly #Bipolar2 . I’m finding myself questioning my #goodmood on a daily basis. Is it real? Or is it #Hypomania ? How long will it last? Do I savor it or #medicate it? What’s the next #mood gonna be? I used to be so in tune with my moods back when I only had #Depression . Now? I just don’t know. #BipolarDisorder #MentalHealth #hypomanic #moodswings #EmotionalRollercoaster #HighsAndLows