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Episode Two (A Man Out of the Dark)

Forgot to take meds for days - paranoid fear in May, 2020, due to pandemic -- FLASH Moved all our stuff to middle of studio and living room, in chaotic fashion, and ripped window out of wall - did not know who or where I was -- FLASH Fire whistle - ambulance - sitting on stoop with fidget spinner, crying -- FLASH Placed on gurney, immediately ripped off smart watch, nurses hold me down to put IV in, sedative kicks in - girl on screen tells me I have to go -- FLASH wake up in unknown room -- in unknown hospital - ripped curtains down, and pee all the IV fluid into garbage can by door -- FLASH See myself as the devil, and furiously rub my right hand along the floor, until I saw flames -- FLASH Naked screaming - cannot believe the delusions, thinking I was the devil, thinking I was a doctor - running around naked, and playing with myself until it was sore -- FLASH "Get room 13 ready. I'll get the STRAPS." -- FLASH "He's trying to push me through the wall. I need help here." -- FLASH In my mind, I was floating outside of the room, really, it felt like I was flying outside of the building itself -- FLASH For next hours or was it days? I remember a man coming out of pitch black darkness, holding a cup, and then falling back into slumber -- HUGE FLASH

...To be continued

#worldmentalhealthday2022 #PTSD #mentalhealthmatters #hopeliveshere

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Allow Joy

It is easy to get stuck in the depths of depression or fear. But I also find it hard to allow ourselves to feel JOY, and then not punish ourselves the next day for experiencing full functioning fun moments. Hold on to that joy as you would the negative emotions. ALLOW JOY in your life. It starts today #MensHealth #Hope #Joy #RoomForJoy You are allowed to be happy; do not think because you are depressed, anxious or scared, that you should deny yourself happy moments, even if fleeting. #hopeliveshere

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To all Mighty Members!

Please consider joining my Mighty Group, "Care & Share for Men." The group is a safe place for men with mental illness and those who take care of them. We need to #EndTheStigma and encourage all people, but especially men, to seek the help they need and deserve. My goal is to have twenty members by the end of the month, as June has been labeled #menshealthmonth . Please reach out with any questions.

Here is direct link to join group:

Care & Share for Men

#menshealthmonth #hopeliveshere #MentalHealthAwareness

Care & Share for Men | An Online Health Community

If you have Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, Anxiety/Panic, PTSD, OCD, or any other mental health disorder(s), society often categorizes men as tough and stoic. This makes it very hard for men to freely express their emotions. Now we have a safe haven where men are able to share their thoughts, feelings and ask and answer questions without judgment.

Celebrities and therapy

I know, you may be rolling your eyes, like what do celebrities know about therapy...well, one major superstar has opened up as to how therapy has helped him, and his resistance to it at first...which is what many people (mostly men) do, they deny they need help, instead of being vulnerable and strong and acknowledging their need for help. Also, I understand many people do not have the resources to get help which is another issue...hopefully more influential people will open up and share their stories to help everyone else.

#MentalHealth #EndTheStigma #hopeliveshere #mentalhealthawarenessmonth2022 #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #MentalHealth awareness #mental


Welcome to Care & Share!

I would like to first thank @ashley-kristoff and @allie_curtis for their support and inspiration to take the plunge and start a Mighty group! #mentalhealthmatters #hopeliveshere #mentalhealthawarenessmonth2022 #MentalHealthAwareness