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Stream Strolling and Springing 🌼

The Duke’s personal walkies chauffeur called in sick today, so I found myself bestowed with the honour of serving HRH 👑

Given the 27 C / 80 F temperature by British standards effectively borders on officially being declared ‘hot’, we went to one of the local streams so the Duke could cool off.

After being reminded by a post in a CFS support group that cold baths and showers, helps to increase circulation, I joined HRH for a stroll through the cold water.

Every year these flowers blossom in the stream. It is a little thing in essence—but one that brings me joy each year that I get to witness their arrival.

#TheLittleThings #Joy #RoomForJoy #MyCondition #ChronicFatigue #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Dogs #SpringMania

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Splooty Booty Tuesday!

A memory from when Little One was a wee nipper and would take naps in random spots like this 🥰. He still does the odd sploot—usually while he’s chewing away at a treat. With his back toward us; half in and half out his bed; unconsciously wagging his tail in enjoyment.

The great thing about our mighty pets is not just that they make for good company, or that they remind us to laugh with their antics, or that they give good cuddles. All this is true. But for me their greatest gift is that in their vulnerable dependence on us to nurture and bring out the best in them, it brings out the best in every one of us. They remind us daily what it is to live fully in each moment, and not take ourselves too seriously.

This is a source of magic available to us on a daily basis. One which I will always cherish, no matter how many times a day Little One throws himself at me demanding I indulge him in what is perhaps his greatest joy; ALL the belly rubs!

#MightyPets #Dogs #ForTheLoveOfDogs #DistractMe #Hope #Gratitude #RoomForJoy

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We have had a lot of English rain this week which upsets the Duke of Bork’s delicate sensibilities. I will never know why but snow, swimming, and puddles of mud are all good things, but for some reason, rain is bad 🙈. I guess it’s a pugmix perogative thing that I simply wouldn’t understand.

Shorter walks means more unused energy which is when keeping a few pieces of bunched up wool comes in handy, and also makes a very good distraction for NYE fireworks 💥

I simply throw some down and let him have at it, which as you may have guessed, he rather enthusiastically enjoys demolishing and gives us reasons to smile when moments like this happen 🥰

#Dogs #MightyPets #DistractMe #Holidays #Smallthings #RoomForJoy

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Allow Joy

It is easy to get stuck in the depths of depression or fear. But I also find it hard to allow ourselves to feel JOY, and then not punish ourselves the next day for experiencing full functioning fun moments. Hold on to that joy as you would the negative emotions. ALLOW JOY in your life. It starts today #MensHealth #Hope #Joy #RoomForJoy You are allowed to be happy; do not think because you are depressed, anxious or scared, that you should deny yourself happy moments, even if fleeting. #hopeliveshere

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New Friends Destination For Current And Soon To Be New Friends! #Friends #MentalHealth

Doesn’t this image and idea look like a paradise?

Link to join us in this new adventure:

New Friends Ages 40-55ish

We all came on The Mighty ultimately to make new, real connections and to grow new friendships to get rid of this terrible thing called loneliness/being alone that is not good for anyone’s mental health and we all want better mental health.

We all want to have friendships too based on the simple fact that we are humans and humans need to feel connected to other humans.

And the twist with this group, is to all pitch in to make this a place on The Mighty where we don’t focus on our illnesses, because we are more than our illnesses, so much more. And we don’t want to forget that about ourselves. We don’t want to have our personalities get lost, all of the different, cool, unique things that make us who we are as people.

So let’s all pitch in and start just chatting about everyday stuff like you would with any friend, about life in general, sharing things about yourself- just a couple examples -your interests, something you found funny, etc., whatever you would think that this is something you would like to share with a friend, and having some fun being social- because we all know we need to really connect and keep growing new friendships with our mental health in mind.

One smile emoji or even one word can start a friendship. Some of the most comforting words in the universe are “me too.” “Hello.” “How is your day?”…(if you don’t have another conversation starter or reply to join in).

New friends can change your life and your mental health for the better.
Add in anything to get the ball rolling and grow some new friendships here.

We can’t wait to get to know You.

#Life #MightyTogether #Positivity #positive #Kind #ActsOfKindness #ActOfKindness #lonely #alone #MensHealth #MensMentalHealth #good #funny #Fun #happy #Happiness #RoomForJoy #Joy #Mindful #Mindfulness #Together #StrongerTogether #ItGetsBetter #TogetherWeAreStrongerCampaign #FamilyAndFriends #FamilyWeChoose #relate #relatable #Chat #Hope #WhatWeLoveMostAboutLife #wegotthis #NoOneFightsAlone #youmatter #Connect #Connection #SocialInteraction #social #Lifestyle #LifeLessons #Selfesteem #Selfworth #Confidence #Selflove #wellness #Health #EmotionalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #FriendsForSurvival #TheMighty ’sMentalHealthHeroes

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Finding Joy

Have you ever just searched the internet and looked for something that can make you smile? I am finding it more difficult these days with all the painful actions taking place.

Like many of you, I am sad about the war in Ukraine. I am also sad about the natural disasters that have occured in the USA and the risk for more things occurring in the Central part of the country with it being tornado season. Life is scary!

I am looking for #Happiness and looking for #Comedy . Sometimes we have to seek things on purpose in order for us to experience #Joy .

Lately, I have had a flair up of my bipolar symptoms, and I have not been able to concentrate. However, positive distractions have #helped me to #feelbetter . #BipolarDisorder really sucks sometimes. But the coupling of BP with other issues like #Anxiety are even more struggling. But, I am going to do whatever I can to keep a smile and find #RoomForJoy .

I hope you enjoy the cat genie meme!


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Self-Care: Joys

I want to share with everyone something that has become an important, daily way to practice self-care: my "Joys" Journal.

It's a journal that's designated specifically to write daily about what gives you joy and happiness in your life, or a way to joyfully write down some of your wins/accomplishments that you achieve while going through mental/physical pain and suffering.

I suffer from bipolar disorder that I was very recently diagnosed with. So I've really suffered for a long time with extremely negative self talk as I tried to manage a life of extreme highs and lows that I couldn't explain.

To combat the self talk, I started my "Joys" Journal. Every single day I write down things/people that gave me Joy the previous day and current day, depending what time I write.

If you want to try and create your own "Joys" Journal, my advice is to start simple. Especially if you are going through an extra tough time in your life. Make it as simple as you can, and make a more generalized list, for example from my earlier entries:

• My daughter
• My husband
• My mom, dad and brother
• Music
• Italian food
• Art

... and so on.

Now, when I write in my journal I get more specific things. Like "My daughter gave me Joy yesterday...when we were painting rocks together, out of nowhere she looks up at me and says, 'I love you.'"

I've even found a way to find Joy in my darkest moments:

"My husband gave me Joy yesterday. I had the worst panic attack in the late afternoon, and I thought I wasn't going to make it through... but he came to my side and held me in a squeeze and talked me down from a 10 to a manageable 6, where then he told me to take take care of myself, to take my meds and go to sleep early. He is such a Joy in my life how he compassionately loves me in spite of my darkness."

One last tip to help make your Joys journaling a habit is to keep your journal out in plain sight where you can't possibly miss seeing it. In spite of my hatred for visual clutter, I keep my journal on our coffee table where I see it every morning when I have my morning cup of tea.

I encourage anyone who suffers through any kind of darkness in your life to try and start your own "Joys" Journal. For me, it's given me a way to switch my thoughts away from my suffering onto the GOOD I have in my life, and all the good moments I experience, no matter how small they may seem. Even during my darkest days, for the short time I take writing my Joys I have the opportunity to switch my brain from the bad to the good. To celebrate my wins and Joys and loves I have experienced every day... to celebrate my life.

Thanks for letting me share - to anyone who reads this I will send out light and love to you all, in hopes that you can start focusing on your light and your love... and your Joys.

from me to you ♥️,

#Selfcare #Selflove #Joy #RoomForJoy #Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #Pain #Motivation #DailyReminder #Love

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#ChronicIllness #Depression #RoomForJoy

We are all special sentient beings. Beautiful, wonderful and creating blessings. No matter where we find ourselves.

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