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    I'm struggling

    I'm a toxic person. I cause everyone added and unnecessary stress!Im always causing agreements (I don't mean to it just happens) . My friends admit I'm scary and and my mum is scared of me. Apparently today I looked at her like I wanted to kill her... I don't remember looking like at or meaning to. If I did then it just happened. I'm the reason everyone in my life agrues and then they all leave.

    I'm so alone but it's because I am a horrible person, I'm a control freak, I'm toxic, I am undeserving.
    I cant take responsibility . I act like a child, I cant deal with adulting, I cant even manage to pay my phone bill. 3 years I've been trying to take control of my phone bill but no I'm useless.

    All my demons have unlocked there cages in my head I can not cope with this anymore.

    #Toxic #Imtoxic #depressed #suicidal #Demons #Constantbattle #cantwin #sad #lonely


    Too much. Too much. Too much.

    I miss you so much and knowing you don’t miss me is tearing me in two. Why did you say all of the things if you knew they didn’t really mean anything? I want you to care again if you ever did. I need you to know what you did, what I allowed you to do. What I pushed you to do... because I am ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS too much for everyone. I don’t even have “a people” I’m so much. I want to sleep and not wake up to escape these thoughts and feelings. #ToxicRelationships #Imtoxic #Everythingitouchturnstoshit #ADHD #CPTSD #EmotionalRegulationDisorder

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