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Trying to fight my demons #Demons # anxiety #Depression

I don’t know what it is today! But my anxiety and depression just creep right in and took over ! Demons 2 - Me 0! Demons one today! I was drawing this this morning and it was supposed to show my positive self worth but I ended up losing to my inner voice’s!

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The invisible battle

A war wages in my own mind
This war has no beginning
Nor does it ever end
People say they understand
But they will never understand casualties every day
This battle never ending and always finding new weak pints
How do you fight a war you cannot see
This were has grown stronger and scarier
How do you fight a voice you don’t know where is coming from
How do you fight a creature you see but you cannot move
How can you win an invisible battle
When life and dreams blur
When will this invisible war end

Not my best work kinda rushed it but it’s hard to put to words. Any criticism is appreciated.
#Poetry #Depression #War #Demons #MensHealth #speakup


It’s hard to live with depression. It really is. It hurts. It pierces, stings…burns.
I’ve been here before. I’ve been here, at least a million times before. But I always have the same thought: ‘what if this time I give in? What if this time I self-harm again? I didn’t last time…this time I’ll make maybe a few little cuts.’
That’s tempting. I don’t though, I wait it out. Sure, it’ll feel good. At that moment. But everything I’ve worked towards and for will be gone. The trust, what I’m able to say: I haven’t self-harmed in more than two years - gone.
Am I really this weak not to give in? Am I really that influenced by my own demons that I can’t think straight - even for just ONE second?
I don’t want to be at that point where my demons can and will manipulate me into doing what they want. I’m not that girl anymore. I’m not that weak anymore.
I can be numb and sad and depressed to the most breaking point - but is all the work I’ve done, the acceptance I’ve found for myself, the scars that have healed, the trust that has been ganied, going to be for nothing if I give in?
No. Cause I won’t give in. I’ll be sad. I’ll be numb. But I won’t ever self-harm again. #Depression #self -harm #Demons #numb


Little Poem. Up with the demons. Just hoping that light pulls me upward.

Death is becoming,
Death is a dream.
Death is a moment,
Waking up with a scream.

Elusive for fun,
Cryptic by nature,
Bleeding arms out,
Meeting thy maker.

If I could just stop,
Then maybe I could breathe
But instead all that comes out
Is a single dry heave.

Hoping and praying
For one ray of sun,
If I could just get a sign
That I won’t come undone.

If not ever,
Then just not tonight,
Hold me so close,
And push back the fright. #Night #Fear #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #BPD #Demons

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Pain through art

Anyone else draw/paint their pain? Can yall show me your art?? and feel free to describe the mood that comes with❤️
#arttherapy #Anxiety #Depression
Idk if you can comment pictures, but if you want to make a dedicated post, I will be very happy to see them with the hashtag #painthroughart

These two, I drew when I felt very distressed. I was in an almost disassociative state, and I was horrified when I was done. Especially with the one bleeding from its eyes.

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Don’t become your own prey

•Don’t become your own prey.
Tell your demons to stay away.•

“Sammy’s Self-love Journey”

•Day 25:


•Sammy dances with their demons again today.

🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷 #Art #Drawing #Depression #Demons

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“Sammy’s Self-love Journey”
•Day 8:


•Today, Sammy sits with some of their negative thoughts. Trying to remember their resilience.

Depression may always be a part of you but it’s not everything. It’s not the one holding the power. You are. You can find ways to defeat Depression in the smallest of ways. It might never leave you completely. The Darkness is intense and overwhelming. You’re bigger than it.


•Each day I’m going to create a cute little drawing or comic centering around this little creature I created (Sammy), and their journey through discovering self-love, perseverance, peace...and more. Sometimes accompanied by their friends.

•Sammy is a character I created about 4 years ago. I’ve never been sure of their story but I always saw them as a protector of the melancholy women I draw. They are there to remind you of your resilience when you’ve lost your way. They remind you of your strengths. They push you to keep going. They comfort you. They cry with you. They are a friend.

•Drawn in @procreate.

#artformentalhealth #monster #MentalHealth #Demons #depressionawareness #sad #beast #sammysselflovejpourney

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#crutches #embrace #Selfacceptance #coffee #ChronicFatigue

I make no apologies for my crutches I use to help my #ChronicPain , #Depression & #Fatigue . in fact I embrace them & am very grateful for them. #Caffeine #cigarettes #vitaminb-12 (I'd smoke #MedicalMarijuana ( was approved. over a year ago in April & even have a card ) but #THC messes with my #Schizophrenia & I get tense , intense, #stressed & #anxious , & sometimes even slightly #Paranoid . So I suffer taking meds for #Pain that are actually psyche #meds that hardly make a dent. (#Gabapentin ) #my Life #sucks so the ppl that #criticize & put me #down for smoking cigs can go to heck for voicing their #ignorant #Judgemental #opinions . which they so freely #Voice regarding my smoking & high #Caffeine intake. I am not afraid of #Death & in fact , welcome & #Pray for it, have felt this way all my life. Ppl need to face their own #Demons , faults & weaknesses instead of constantly distracting themselves by getting into other ppls business. I #ignore them . I am #Deaf to their assinine stayements. I #mentally float away & I do what #helps my #Nerves (I inherited bad nerves (#physical AND #emotional ) & that helps me cope with a #Life I #live as a #Prisoner doing time. It's just a waiting #Game , Just A matter of #time .


What im currently feeling #Depression #Anxiety

I am dealing with one of the biggest battles of my depression and anxiety I have had yet. I feel like im falling and drowning within my own head and i feel like im taking everyone around down with me. I feel like everything i do is wrong and that i am failing at even the simplest of things because i am stuck in my own head, my anger, guilt. I feel broken. I feel ive completely failed my wife and am failing in my marriage. I want to give up #Inadequate #Insecure #whatswrongwithme #Drowning #failing #Falling #help #Demons


I'm struggling

I'm a toxic person. I cause everyone added and unnecessary stress!Im always causing agreements (I don't mean to it just happens) . My friends admit I'm scary and and my mum is scared of me. Apparently today I looked at her like I wanted to kill her... I don't remember looking like at or meaning to. If I did then it just happened. I'm the reason everyone in my life agrues and then they all leave.

I'm so alone but it's because I am a horrible person, I'm a control freak, I'm toxic, I am undeserving.
I cant take responsibility . I act like a child, I cant deal with adulting, I cant even manage to pay my phone bill. 3 years I've been trying to take control of my phone bill but no I'm useless.

All my demons have unlocked there cages in my head I can not cope with this anymore.

#Toxic #Imtoxic #depressed #suicidal #Demons #Constantbattle #cantwin #sad #lonely