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TW!! I went to the police today to report one of the incidents of rape that happened to me, and I’m not sure if I should take this to the court.

So, I have limited evidence, and there’s always the chance that the Dubin police department will reject my case and it won’t go any further. But even in that case my rapist will still be arrested and questioned and given a serious warning. But if it does go through I’m going to have to publicly speak about my experience of being raped, my family will most likely find out and most importantly there’s always the chance that he won’t be convicted. Is going to the court to try and get justice and get this creep behind bars, worth the risk of messing up my mental health even more at a time of high stress?
If anyone has been through this process or has any advice I would really appreciate it. ❤️ #Rape #SexualAssault #RapeSurvivors #Irish

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Where would you go?

If you had the choice to go anywhere- from 1 week to 1 month and would get back to your place after that time- where would you go?

Me, I would go to the Camino de Santiago in Medieval times. #MentalHealth #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Depression #COVID19 #ChronicIllness #European #Irish #Anxiety #2020 #NHS #Burnout #HealthcareProviders


#Depression #Anxiety #Relapse #Irish

So I’m in the “Not this again” stage... my story? I’m 37 I live at home with my parents who are elderly - this year has included- a breakup, a job loss, the death of a friend, failing to finish my masters dissertation (2year this has happened) - in a new relationship (needed an abortion) and was working part time in security work which I hated for the summer- which has now finished. My CV is a patch work quilt of events job and Screams job hopper. I’m unsure of EVERYTHING and have intense anxiety and depression about how life has turned out. I’ve experienced set backs before, but I’m so tired of them returning. I see a CFT therapist for 100 Euro per session for the last year, as general psychology wasn’t working... but I’m upset that everything has fallen apart on me and then I have anxiety about anxiety 🙈. Can anyone relate? Or have good advice for climbing out of the funk of a relapse? Going to doctor on Monday to see if my meds need increasing, as I’ve been hiding in bed and know that’s not the answer? Big love to all fighting their ‘tricky brains’ 💚