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    Dying to be loved.

    <p>Dying to be loved.<br></p>
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    I just want to rid myself. Sometimes I feel like I should just go to anyone and asked to be fucked because it hurts so much that people don’t respect consent and it would feel so nice just for someone to ask me and for me to say yes. It hurts that I’m just a doll but what can I do #Rape #SexualAssault #PTSD #CPTSD

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    Still getting over it- TW-rape

    I was raped by more then 7 men (assholes). They were fraternity members. It seems “gang” rape is the term everyone uses for this. The term just makes me feel all twitchy. There are other things that bother me about the whole thing. I was grabbed and kept in a room until it was over.. when I left there were more guys sitting in chairs along the hall. I have blocked out a good part of it so I don’t know if they assaulted me too. I could have pressed charges but I completely shut down. I don’t know when I won’t blame myself just a little bit #PTSD #RapeSurvivors

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    Please help

    If anyone out there has any supportive words or advice, please share them. I’m really struggling to heal right now and am experiencing the most intense flashbacks of a rape. #SexualAbuse #Depression #RapeSurvivors #SexualAssault #PTSD

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    July 8th..

    <p>July 8th..</p>
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    6 years later

    How do I describe this pain? I lost my virginity without permission. My happiness was taken without warning. Love erased. Peace permitted. Voice silenced.

    I have lived an empty life thus-far. Convinced that love is beyond my reach, and not a remote possibility for me. I have dreamed of having someone for myself and love me without hesitation, though my past has convinced me this is not an option.

    People say you cannot have someone love you until you love yourself. I feel like self-love is unobtainable for me. It is a tainted memory written by him. How do I move forward when so much time has been provided to me for healing? #SexualAssault #RapeSurvivors

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    Up and Battling the Trauma Again

    Can’t sleep. It’s Father’s Day which means reliving some past traumas revolving around my dad. Husband is so helpful and understanding but now he’s asleep too and I’m feeling very much alone. Afraid to sleep and dream of things that hurt that I can’t control. Nighttime always brings it on like this and today so much more than others.

    If anyone is up and would like to connect I could use the friendship right now. There’s got to be someone else out there who is having a hard day today…. Just super triggering for me. I will be surprised if I get any sleep tonight.

    #RapeSurvivors #Insomnia #PTSD #Incest

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    I went to the police today to report one of the incidents of rape that happened to me, and I’m not sure if I should take this to the court.

    So, I have limited evidence, and there’s always the chance that the Dubin police department will reject my case and it won’t go any further. But even in that case my rapist will still be arrested and questioned and given a serious warning. But if it does go through I’m going to have to publicly speak about my experience of being raped, my family will most likely find out and most importantly there’s always the chance that he won’t be convicted. Is going to the court to try and get justice and get this creep behind bars, worth the risk of messing up my mental health even more at a time of high stress?
    If anyone has been through this process or has any advice I would really appreciate it. ❤️ #Rape #SexualAssault #RapeSurvivors #Irish

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