Have you ever been ill or injured and thought to yourself “there’s no point in going to see a doctor, or going to a hospital, because they can’t help me”? Imagine doing that with every, single, health issue or injury that arises. That’s what it’s like for people with FND. Except that we have 2 main reasons for not seeking medical attention:
1) we don’t think that the doctor/hospital can help us,
2) over 80% of us feel so dismissed by medical professionals that we don’t think we deserve their help.
That is why it is so important for us to raise awareness of this condition. It destroys lives, relationships, careers… and yet very few people have heard of FND, and even fewer understand it (and that includes the people living with the condition). Most of the information and support that people with FND receive is from each other, and from amazing charities like FND Hope and peer-to-peer support from groups like The Mighty rather than our medical teams. It’s definitely time for a change, nobody should be too worried to seek medical help, regardless of the reason. 🧡💪🏻
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