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    Has anyone switched from Abilify to Latuda for Bipolar 1? #Bipolar1Disorder #Latuda #Abilify

    My psychiatrist is concerned that abilify is causing metabolic syndrome in me, and is looking to switch my medications. My concern is that Latuda wouldn’t help me as someone who doesn’t suffer from bipolar depression. Am I justified? Or does latuda have mood stabilizing properties? #Bipolar1Disorder #Abilify #Latuda

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    Latuda weight gain #Latuda #BipolarDisorder

    Had anyone gained weight from Latuda?

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    Has anyone switched from latuda to another med or stopped the latuda? I need some input because it's still 800 bucks with insurance. I'm curious as to how others have dealt with it. I was previously able to get samples but I've recently moved. I'm also on zoloft and elavil. I feel like a zombie most of the time just going through the motions. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

    #Latuda #MentalHealth

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    Finding the right med :(

    I've tried a few different medications in the past couple months. Now I'm on #Latuda . I'm so desperately trying to find something to help my mental health after resisting medications for so long. I've finally come to the realization I need something to help. I have a pretty good life, I just got my rent paid for 6 months by an agency who helps disabled people, I really wish I could just be happy normally. I had to fire my therapist because she was not helping me with anything and pretty much condoned my unhealthy behavior...I just feel stuck. I really hope this med change works, because I really hate the person I've become. #MentalHealth #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #CPTSD #CheckInWithMe #Depression

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    The bad days seem worse when I have less of them...

    I guess it's normal to feel this way. I've been taken medications and doing things to help myself feel as good as I can. For me, good means not being in (much) pain, not being overly sleepy, and not having any/much depressive/anxious feelings. I'd say 4-5 out of 7 days a week since I got settled in my current meds for #Narcolepsy , #fibromaylgia and #Bipolar2Disorder are "good" or "ok" days. But those other 2-3 days are heavy.

    Today was rough. I ran out of ritalin and won't have any till Monday at best. So I was in and out of naps all day. I want to be awake. But my eyes, my body wouldn't let me. I took my #Lyrica late and have also run out of #cymbalta so I was slow and achey all day. I took my #Latuda but since I feel so physically bad, I think #Depression is kicking in as a result.

    My doctor doesn't know why my vision is suddenly so blurry. I'm worried.

    I pushed myself too hard. Did some heavy cleaning despite the pain and I REALLY need to learn how not to do that. I'm regretting it heavily now. I'm hurting a lot. I hope I can sleep.

    I still don't have a medicine for anxiety specifically. I'm frustrated.

    It's just been an * a lot" day...

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    How does one navigate? #Moodstablizer #Latuda #Vraylar

    How does one navigate the expense of mood-stabilizing medications? Visited my doctor today. He prescribed a medication that's $800 (after my insurance picks up their part). He then gives me samples of another medication just in case the one he prescribed was too expensive!. I called my insurance company and the sample med is $700 (after their pick up their cost). Ughhh. I supposed I'm going to have to check prices each time my doctor attempts to prescribe. Very frustrating experience today. I walked away from my doctor's appointment with a prescription for a medication I can't afford and a 6-week sample of another med that I won't be able to afford. Lost.

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    Is anyone on Latuda? How is it working for you?

    <p>Is anyone on Latuda? How is it working for you?</p>
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    What are people's thoughts on Latuda? Good experiences? Bad experiences? I'm taking it for bipolar depression and to help give me energy. #Latuda

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    I get one of my medications, latuda, through my doctor's office. The manufacturer sends it to them since I needed financial assistance. During the pandemic the office is closed. I've called 3 times and left messages and now I'm down to 5 pills. They did this to me before and I was off cold turkey for 2 or so weeks. It really messed with me and I don't want it to happen again. I'm scared that it will. They have a delivery service, but there was a problem with it last time, resulting in no meds for so long. What do I do? #Bipolar1Disorder #Latuda

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    Latuda Detox #Latuda #Depression

    I’m currently on day 6 of detoxing from Latuda. I was on 120 mg for five years and then this year my psychiatrist slowly tapered me down to nothing where I’m at now. I’m having terrible bouts of depression and hopelessness along with anxiety. I read on one medical website that detoxing from Latuda can be more difficult than detoxing from heroin, especially when you’ve been on large doses for a long time. I sure hope these feelings go away soon! #Latuda #detox #Depression

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