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I had a meeting with my psychiatrist today for #medmanagement . She wants me off #Xanax . I’m being cut from 4mg-3mg/day. She’s also insisting I go into the #Hospital for #detox . I do NOT want to do the hospital. I WOULD like to be off xanax.

What have you experienced with Xanax withdrawal? Would a hospital really help me?
#Fibro #Fibromyalgia #Type2Diabetes #Diabetes #Diabetes #Deafness

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Benzo Withdrawal - Support Wanted

Day 1. And honestly looking for some advice or support as a do this.

I've was taking Xanax (Azor here in South Africa) for a good 3 years or so, then was switched to clobazam (Urbanol) earlier this year. It's been about 4 years since I was put on benzos and while I know it's only recommended for short term use, I've remained on a low dose and my doctor only prescribed 2 months at a time.

Now, with the brain fog of Fibro getting worse and my memory giving me issues, I decided it's time to get off. I'm tapering and doc said 1/2 my usual dose every night for 2 weeks then same dose but every second day for another 2 weeks.

I took my first half dose last night and what a night it was! The nightmares and vivid dreams, waking up a lot and feeling a bit nauseous. This morning I feel super weird. Very dizzy, nauseous, tired. It also feels like someone is holding ice against my forehead and arms. And I have a strange feeling running up the back of my neck into my head, it changes from an icy feeling to a slight pins and needles feeling.

I'm not freaking out... Yet, haha... Because I know I'll experience withdrawal (I tried to do this before and failed) and right now I'm just uncomfortable and feel a little weird. However, I know it's going to get a little harder before it gets easier.

Anyone else go through benzo withdrawal after being on them for a few years? How did you manage? Any tips?

#benzo #withdrawal #detox #Xanax #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Fibromyalgia #AnxietyMedication #PsychiatricMedication #Advice

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Green Mango Chill

1 c. filtered water
1c. frozen mango
1 medium frozen banana
2 c. chopped celery
1 handful fresh parsley

Throw in a blender, ta-da!
*Note: The celery is strong. If you're not wild about celery, either cut it back, increase the mango, or substitute your favorite dark green leafy for the celery.


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Juicing and baking

I planned to stop refined sugar the day after Halloween. Today is that day.

Last week, after a well-intentioned Instacart delivery person brought me a pumpkin the size of a school aged child to replace the canned pumpkin I'd ordered, I enlisted my son to chop it up with a hatchet. I baked 1/8th of it that day. That alone made 8 cups of puree. I cleaned it and bagged the rest. It filled every part of my refrigerator.

To give up refined sugar after binging for the past couple of weeks, I planned to juice. I had carrots, oranges, limes, ginger and tumeric on hand, ready to become liquid vitamins.

Moving pumpkin from the fridge to access my juice-to-be, it occurred to me I've never juiced pumpkin before. I've heard pumpkin and squash juice is nourishing. I'm sure I've seen it in juice blends at the market.

So I juiced a section of the pumpkin. It made a little juice and a lot of pulp, but with the other ingredients my juice was sweet and complex.

With the pulp, I made gluten free muffins and bread.

It took me all day to do, with frequent breaks to recover from electric shocks and spasms induced by movement. I wish my central nervous system would forgive me. Life isn't supposed to be this painful. Maybe this nourishment will help.

At the end of the day, I'm so thankful that life is so delicious today! My experience with pleasurable and life-giving foods are what keep me going through everything. As Lizzo sings, "Got that juice, Baby." 🥤💜💦

#Fibromyalgia #chronic #Nourishment #juice #detox #pumpkin


Latuda Detox #Latuda #Depression

I’m currently on day 6 of detoxing from Latuda. I was on 120 mg for five years and then this year my psychiatrist slowly tapered me down to nothing where I’m at now. I’m having terrible bouts of depression and hopelessness along with anxiety. I read on one medical website that detoxing from Latuda can be more difficult than detoxing from heroin, especially when you’ve been on large doses for a long time. I sure hope these feelings go away soon! #Latuda #detox #Depression


I'm on about 10 tablets for bipolar 1 and bpd. I started detoxing and exercising on Monday. I'm constantly tired and feel ill. can the detox cause it

#detox #Bipolar


I'm on about 10 tablets for bipolar 1 and bpd. I started detoxing and exercising on Monday. I'm constantly tired and feel ill. can the detox cause it

#detox #Bipolar

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My personality coming out after detoxing from cymbalta

I’m a big fan of alien movies. I felt this is relative to what’s going on with me now , a little scary and funny. P.S I added the smiley face #Aliens #personality #Memes #detox #Antidepressants

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