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Question for those with fibromyalgia #FibromyalgiaAwarenessDay #FibromyalgiaSucks #makingfibromyalgiavisible #CrohnsDisease #Headache #Migraine

Hi all after being seen by rheumatology do you get referred to neurology? Weather you have to ask your g.p/rheumatologist or not... it seems I have been diagnosed, left without a follow up appointment and been referred to a special pain clinic called optimise for patients with conditions like ours. I’m feeling really deflated 😞


Invisible disabilities week

Hi I’m Steph & I have fibromyalgia.
You can’t see it. I have two normal looking arms, two normal looking legs and a normal looking back. I wear makeup, wash my hair, dress ok (I think) I even go to work. I can walk. Sometimes miles, sometimes steps. You can’t see my pain. You can’t see my chronic fatigue (no I’m not “just” tired) insomnia, restless legs, night sweats, irregular temperature gage, hyper sensitivity, allergies, anxiety, migraine, chronic pain, but I have them all.
Most people, even my friends and family, scroll past my fibromyalgia related posts because it’s deemed “negative” or “attention seeking” to bang on about something less favourable than a night out or a cute kid pic. Truth is that negativity is our reality and you can’t even see it to believe it.
We need you to believe us in order to raise awareness of our condition and the THOUSANDS of other invisible disabilities that aren’t seen but ARE real!
My disabled badge doesn’t prove my disability. I still get judged if I use it to park in a disabled space. I get judged for not being as bad as others, and then for being worse than some. Please help me, not necessarily by sharing this post or liking it even, but by believing me.
#invisibledisabilities #Fibromyalgia #IDW18 #makinginvisibleillnessesvisible #makingfibromyalgiavisible #notalldisabilitiesarevisible #dontjudgewhatyoucantsee #disabilitiesarentalwaysphysical #MentalHealthAwareness #InvisibleDisabilitiesWeek2018