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#CheckInWithMe Minor victories

I was told to be careful. I was told that I wouldn’t be able to be as active as I wished to be. I was told I am asking for attention and weak and everything else that can ruin a girl’s spirit. Here I am, working towards strength and recovery, training for my 6th marathon. 4 weeks in and these are my splits from my 9 mile long run this week. I tried to slow down and pace myself but this is the result. I am capable. I am strong. I don’t give up. I was reminded that I was given up on, because I am difficult, because I am needy and insignificant. I was disregarded for someone who was safe and complains and is needy and uses excuses as a way to get out of things. I try to live my best life despite my diagnosis. There are no excuses. I was angry. I am angry. And I am surviving. #Marathon #Recovery #Depression #InvisibleIllness #ChronicIllness

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^•^ ^~^ :) Has anyone ever joined a Suicide Awareness Walk/mental health marathon or fundraiser? :) 🙂💞

I’ve 😃😄💜❤️🥰always wanted to join a marathon for a great cause, volunteer more or do 💚something to contribute, I think it’s beautiful to help someone in need or raise awareness to a special topic. Has anyone joined 💕☺️:) run/walk 🏃 marathon or a fundraiser!?
This one is a drives away, not where I live but I think it would still be super worth going to.

Hope I can go this weekend! It would be super meaningful as someone who has struggled with suicide attempts in the past and suicidal thoughts/ideation C: would be such a positive impact and amazing to attend learn and connect #SuicideAwareness #Marathon #Walk #Fundraiser #Anxiety #Depression #inspirational #Fun #Specialcause