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    For those newly diagnosed with Schizophrenia

    The diagnosis may very well be the scariest part. If you’re wondering about how you’ll get better, here are a few tips. Follow your doctors treatment plan, take your meds as prescribed, and stay away from marijuana and other drugs. These made the biggest differences for me. Another factor would be avoiding as much stress as you can during the initial stages. It took me about 7-10 months to recover and it was a long journey. Things do get better eventually and one day you’ll be looking back at things and see how far you’ve come. #Schizophrenia #Psychosis #mentallyill #mentallyunstable

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    what’s up?

    what’s on my mind? better question is what isn’t..first off I’m completely new here.
    I’ve recently started seeing a phychologist and though we haven’t really gotten into serious details about my possible triggers, and she feels I’m making progress already, I feel like I’m running in reverse. so many thoughts and feelings I’ve managed to suppress, even just temporarily, have come back in waves. my everyday life is a struggle in itself. my head is a major hurricane. following a storm, I have years and years of destruction to repair; every storm seems to dig into the destruction of the previous, as well as making its own chaos. How do I get out of this, how do I just LET IT ALL GO?? I’m seriously losing it and this struggle is really taking it’s toll. #lonely #Anxiety #Depression #likeahurricane #mentallyunstable #Momlife #breakingmedown #hurt #Unsure #thinkstoomuch #ihatethis #dontmakemefightmealone